Tales Of Our 'Wet' Season / Cyclone Season

In my particular corner of Australia we really only have two seasons throughout the year.  There's the long, long 'dry' season which lasts from around April (mid-Autumn) to December (beginning of Summer).

The 'wet' season is quite short in comparison, usually lasting from January (mid-Summer) to the end of February (end of Summer). Though short in duration, it can be very harsh with lasting effects and dire consequences, including not just weeks and weeks of torrential rain, but also nasty cyclones.

Here are some of my posts that mention a little of what happens during our 'wet'!

January 2010

Cyclones And Other Nasties

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!

Steady Soaking Rain Turns Into A Deluge

A Day Of High Drama In The Bush

The Aftermath

February 2010

A Week Of High Temperatures And Harsh Humidity

Summer's Almost Over

Last Weekend Of Summer

March 2010

A Week Of Watching And Waiting

Ului Turned Out To Be A Bit Of A Gentleman

Rejoicing In The Rain


January 2011

Our 'Wet' Season Has Begun With A Bang

Queensland Under Water

Wild Weather Wednesday

February 2011

Yet Another Cyclone Is Coming

Weathering A Yasi

There's more information about the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi and its' effects on our property over at my other blog ... My Dry Tropics Garden.
If you're interested pop over to this page  ...  The Sad And Sorry Story Of Cyclone Yasi

April 2011

On A Gloomy Autumn Day



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