Thursday, January 28, 2010

The steady soaking rain .... turns into a torrential summer downpour!

Such a heavy deluge of rain in just two days ...  The creek bed, which lies at the bottom of the hill that our house sits on, is dry almost all year round.  But with the downpour we've had this week, it is filled with rushing water!  I just love waking up to the sound of the creek flowing through the bushland once more!

Not many of the wallabies brave the downpour to come into the yard to nibble on the new green grass ... this one is the exception and is obviously made of sterner stuff!

So many of the plants around my place are looking rather beaten as the rain pours down ... but not the Neomarica.  It holds it's head up high and shows such a bright face!


  1. HI Bernie: Like your blogs. You have done a good job with them. You have Wallabies in your yard, we have Deer in our New Hampshine Yard and Alligators in our Florida yard.

    Enjoy Your Day.

  2. Hello and welcome to Blotanical. Now you bring a whole new idea to critter control. Do the wallabies munch on your plants like the deer here in the states do ours?

  3. Hocking Hills Gardener ... most of the time the wallabies just munch on the grass (if they can find any) or the roots of the grass. Occasionally they will munch on things like portulacas ... so I'm getting a lot more cluey about just what I should not plant in my outdoor garden beds.

  4. JWLW ... thanks for dropping by and I do appreciate your lovely encouraging comment about my blogs. I've only been blogging for such a short time and learning as I go ... but having fun. It's great to meet gardeners from such varying parts of the world.

    Don't like the sound of alligators in the yard ... although I suppose we do get some rather nasty snakes!


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