Saturday, February 27, 2010

The last weekend of summer!

Can you believe it?  After waiting to get into the garden for weeks and weeks over the summer  ... last weekend was a triumph!  Almost two glorious days gardening ... only interrupted by a heavy shower or two of rain.

So roll on this weekend ...  the last weekend of our summer!  I was so looking forward to getting out there again ... especially after working so hard in the greenhouse garden last weekend ... BUT then the heavens opened once more!!  It might be the end of summer ... but not the end of the 'wet' season!
There was absolutely no chance of finishing off the potting up out in the courtyard garden ....

and no chance of getting out into the greenhouse garden to sow more seedlings!

It was time to take a comfy seat out on the verandah ....

gaze out at the wattles in bloom ....
... appreciate the last of the Lagerstroemia flowers  ....

... drool over some gardening magazines and catalogues ....
and then ???? .... what does a frustrated gardener do when she's had to shelve yet another weekend's worth of work in the garden?   .... cook!     Apple crumble anyone?


  1. Bernie, everything looks so lush and beautiful. I am so tired of looking at this snow, no signs of spring yet in our area. I'll just keep looking at my garden books and magazines.


  2. Hello Eileen ... your winter seems to be lasting forever ... I can understand why you're tired of looking at the snow. It must end soon! Fingers crossed.

  3. Gosh, how i love your garden! Wow--with so much snow here endlessly in NY, it is a treat to see so much green, even if wet! Have a super weekend!

  4. Hopefully you are sendng summer up our way. We sure need it after this last winter.

  5. Just a quick note to say that I have added your blog to my "March reading list"
    Hope that's OK with you.

  6. Hi Tara ... thanks for your comment. Gee, I'm hoping everyone gets to see my replies ... not sure about it but I'm replying anyway.
    Sounds like you enjoyed your visit, so I'm glad your visit downunder provided a respite from the snow over there!!! Hopefully the weather will clear this weekend coming!

  7. Mo ... would love to send the summer up there. We were glad to see the end of it! It's now the beginning of Autumn here ... the best time to get back into the garden.

  8. Karen ... thanks very much. I'm a bit taken aback, but very pleased. Thanks for adding me to your list ... I haven't been blogging for all that long, so it came as a surprise when people starting reading and commenting. I do hope all who visit enjoy their time here.

  9. Love this blog, such homely pics and yes, that rolled up gardenhose in the background can stay like that for the moment. It's a real tropical downpour, I love it. Does't your mat on the veranda get very damp and moldy there? If it is windy as well as wet, you probably won't sit there, you'd get wet wouldn't you? I had a giggle by myself, as I was thinking, that opened kitchen window and that apple crumble next to unforseen moment and out it goes! Yes please, I will have a bit of that, it really looks yummy. Lovely pics!


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