Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Day of High Drama in the Bush.

Today we woke up to drumming, driving rain and it continued all day.

Wave after wave of torrential rain squalls rolled in from the ranges and over the foothills lashing our house and property with so much rain that there were little rivers running all through our front yard.
The creek which sits at the bottom of our hilly property was a raging torrent today ... it was dry three weeks ago!

The sound of the rushing water just added to the almighty din that pervaded our surrounds ... the rain bucketing down on our corrugated tin roof,

the almighty gusts of wind that ripped through the eucalyptus trees

and the green frogs chorusing loudly!

It's the 'wet'!  Sometimes we are fortunate enough to get decent rain during our summer ... which is our 'wet' season ... and then sometimes we get monsoonal rainfall that reminds us that we are indeed in the tropics!

Below is a link to a video clip I shot today during a bit of a lull in the downpour  - I had to wait for a lull because my camera would have been drenched even on the verandah.  There's no commentary ... I wouldn't have been heard over the din! 

Video:   'Downpour Downunder'


  1. Looks like you are in need of more than an umbrella. Maybe a canoe or row boat.:-)

  2. That is the thing about this country of ours, never rains but it pours! Sad to lose top soil like that. But lovely to hear the din on the roof. I used to love waking up as a kid to rain on a corrugated iron roof.

  3. Hocking Hills Gardener ... this is how the rain happens here ... we get nothing for over nine months of the year and then a drenching which only lasts a few days. If we're lucky we get some drizzly rain before the drenching ... if we're not lucky we get torrential rainfall from cyclones. It's never dull in the summer!

  4. Well said Julie ... land of contrasts! I used to love the sound when I was a kid too ... always loved the sound of rain anyway, but there's just something about the noise it makes on the old iron roof!

  5. Great photos Bernie - what a downpour!
    Could you re-direct just a teeny bit of that rain down south? It's been a hot, dry and dusty one today and the promised rain seems to have evaporated before it got to the GippyGarden :(

  6. Would love to share GG ... this rain was from that tricky gal Olga. She re-formed and then travelled inland, turned in to a tropical low and went down through Richmond to Emerald. Don't think she's going to get any further though!

    There was almost no rain today ... just lots of heat and humidity that pretty much sucked the landscape dry. Our creek has dropped dramatically in that short time ... down to a gentle trickle today.

  7. I like the pic of the eucalyptus trees, beautiful!
    We get a lot of rain and flooding here as well.
    In answer to your question on my blog, I answered:
    "Bernie, I think these are called Pelargonium grandiflorum. They are a bit different from the zonals. They were planted outside in a sounthern exposed garden, so it might have stayed warmer than usual during the winter. When I planted these, I had no idea they would return. But most of them came back to bloom another summer. Let's see if they return again, I'm curious if they have survived a colder winter this time."

  8. Thanks Salix tree ... will have to do a bit of research I think.

    We're lucky that we're surrounded by eucalypts here ... I love them too!


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