Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wild Weather Watery Wednesday!

El Nino ... La Nina ... it all sounded like Latin to me!  Maybe a Latin dance of some sort!  I had a vague idea what these terms meant, but never really bothered to become familiar with their exact meaning.  Sure, I heard them mentioned at times by well-meaning weather presenters, who were trying their best to educate me, but frankly, I just wasn't all that interested.  That was until a few weeks ago!

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ABC News Report

The disaster that's been unfolding in my home state of Queensland over the last month or so has made me stand up and take notice, finally! I can now have a knowledgeable discussion about significant weather events such as La Nina and El Nino ... and this can be directly attributed to the worst natural disaster that has ever affected Queensland.  This on-going series of disastrous floods is a result of a sudden change from an El Nino event, which resulted in a 14-year dry stretch in Queensland, to a La Nina event occurring in the Pacific Basin.

Here is a timeline of the disaster, which has now claimed a total of 19 lives:

September-November 2010: After years of devastating drought, the La Nina weather phenomenon drenches the northeastern state of Queensland with its wettest spring on record.

December 2010: Torrential rains and flooding damage crops and close a coal mine. Six people die, including three trapped in cars and a girl, 17, whose foot is stuck between rocks as the waters rise. (This happened at a popular swimming spot not very far from my home!)

December 25: Tropical Cyclone Tasha makes landfall near Cairns in the early hours of Christmas Day, bringing rainfall of 150-250 millimetres (six to 10 inches).

December 28: Disaster declared in several southern Queensland towns, where flooding prompts mass evacuations. A 50-year-old man dies after being swept off a footbridge by floodwaters.

December 30: The town of Bundaberg north of Brisbane experiences its worst flooding in decades, with about 300 homes inundated.

January 2: Floods affect 22 towns as the crisis reaches "biblical" proportions, according to the Queensland state treasurer. A woman dies after her car is swept from the road.

January 3: Residents of Rockhampton flee their homes as the city of 75,000 is almost entirely cut off by rising floodwaters. The raging waters claim two more lives.

January 5: Officials say floods have inundated or cut off 40 towns while dozens of coal mines are flooded.

January 8: Police recover the body of a young woman who drowned after going swimming with friends, bringing the death toll to 11.

January 10: Eight die including four children and 72 are missing when flash floods smash the mountainside town of Toowoomba and surrounding areas.

January 11: Officials warn the death toll is likely to rise as continuing rain and washed-away roads hamper rescue efforts.

Now, for those who prefer a more interactive experience, here's a presentation that covers this timeline:
Queensland Flood Disaster

Tomorrow our capital city is expecting flood waters to reach their peak.  Both my sons and my grandchildren live there ... so we're a little concerned but hoping that all will be well!  To other bloggers who live in and around Brisbane, I have my fingers and toes crossed ... and I've been having a quiet word with the Almighty! 

The latest report: Deadly Wave Heads For Brisbane

Even though this is the end of my blog post, I know it's not the end of the flooding disaster story for Queensland.  Cyclones are being predicted for the north, which is where I live, with the accompanying torrential rainfall.  This will, of course, cause even more drenching of a totally saturated, soggy, drenched state ... the start of 2011 will long be remembered!


  1. Bernie, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family through this nightmare. I just heard on the news about the water being headed for Brisbane.


  2. Bernie: how terribly devastating. The pictures we are getting here in the US are frightening. It sounds like you are ok at your property, but certainly the disaster is around you, and is far ranging and will be long lasting. We are thinking of all Queenslanders and praying for relief.

  3. What a terrible disaster! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. So sorry about this disaster in your area. will be praying for ya.

  5. May God strengthen their faith on this down times.

    More Watery Wednesday here

  6. Bernie,
    I hope your loved ones (and mine) in Brisbane are safe. You have set this timeline out so well, and now all there is left to do is watch and wait and pray. Then the cleanup will begin, already we are seeing the wonderful queensland spirit rise up to meet the challenges.

  7. Very sad fact. My prayers for you and all people there...

  8. I too have posted about the floods, even though I live far south in Melbourne! Most TV channels here have ongoing reports!

    A great post!

    Wishing you safety and happiness!


  9. I learn about this in the papers and TV here as well. I hope there will be no more rain. My heart goes to the families whose houses are in the water... I cannot imagine how difficult their situation is... may they be blessed with much support and care.

  10. Bernie - I'll keep you and your loved ones in prayer. Anytime this is on the news I always wonder how you and your family are coping.

  11. So devastating! My thoughts are with you and all the people in Queensland. My swedish father lived there but died last autumn.

  12. So so sad!!!

    My Wednesday post link In Search of the Elusive WHOLE Sand Dollar

  13. So bad hear you are having so much problems. I hope you and your family are all ok.
    We have this kind of disasters back at my country too. It is not a nice experience.

  14. That is such a tragic situation, Bernie, especially where it's involved the loss of lives. Praying for the safety of you and your family and a quick recovery from this disaster.

  15. My heart goes out to all of those who have been touched by this disaster. It is so heart breaking Bernie. I hope the officials are able to get help in to the areas to help or get those people out.It must be overwhelming when such a large area is involved. Prayers are going up for everyone.

  16. Bernie: We are all watching your weather and feel so badly for you all. Hopefully this disaster will run its course quickly. I know the affected people will be a long time recovering from it. Stay well.

  17. This is so devastating. My son has an online friend in Australia and we have been concerned about it all also. My thoughts go out to your family and friends.

  18. Just saw a video today where a parking lot changes into a raging river, swallowing up all the cars in it -very scary. Please be safe!

  19. Hope your family is ok Bernie. I've been watching the continuing saga on tv this morning The ABC only gives QLD at the moment and we saw the Brisbane River had peaked and was not receding. Heard Anna Bleigh in her press interview saying that slowly all damage will be revealed. All those houses under water with only the roof or part of it emerging. You can hardly believe it. QLD is in state of shock and so is the rest of Oz.
    Anna was speaking of the ripple effect and yes, I can fully understand that, having been cut off in Cairns by previous floods. How are you coping with supplies over there?
    Lots of people have no power, cut off as a precaution. It must be hard to keep your food in the fridge cool, hope they can restore things in the very near future.
    My thoughts are with QLD-ers.

  20. OH BERNIE! I was watching the coverage on t.v. yesterday as I lay in bed with the flu...and I was thinking of you...hoping you were doing well and that this has not harmed you in any way. Please stay safe...your Canadian friend is worried!
    I hope you are not going to be affected anymore than you already have! Praying for you and those in your area!
    hugs friend!!!

  21. Hiya Bernie

    Compassion and empathy - Tweed is getting a drenching but we can only watch in helpless horror at what’s happening - and only 150 km north for goodness sake! - all to do with the catchments getting the dumping I guess - so there but for the grace of all deities ...

    Wishing you and all your's safety above all else in anything that is to come – Cate

  22. I just can't believe at the volume of water that came rushing like tsumani. My prayers are with all who were hit by this disaster.

  23. My heart goes out to you and to all in your nearby areas. This has been such a devastating season for so many areas of the world.


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