Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Flower Flaunt ... Taking Comfort In The Small Things

Though it's the middle of Springtime here, you wouldn't know it.  Spring is also smack bang in the middle of our dry season and things around here are progressively getting more and more parched and desolate looking.  I take comfort in the few flowers that are left blooming mostly in the pots scattered around the courtyard or out in the shadehouse.  Even then, some of the flowers have been literally disappearing overnight as the wallabies move from one new favourite plant to the next!!!

So let's see the few things I can flaunt on this mid-Spring day.  Thankfully the Asiatic Lilies growing in pots out in my shadehouse garden have started to bloom.  It's great to see these splashes of colour.

The Lily in the last photo is Lillium asiaticum 'Golden Stone', but the others are just from a mixed pack of bulbs, so shall remain nameless.

The Stromanthe sanguinea 'Tricolor' continues to throw out little pink blooms out in the shadehouse garden as well.

The many clumps of Neomarica longifolia or Yellow Walking Iris scattered throughout the shadehouse garden are also coming into bloom once more.

Out in my usually colourful Courtyard Garden there's actually not a whole lot of colour as the wallabies just move from one delectable plant to another.

Blooms are however appearing on my Diffenbachia or Dumbcane Plant for the first time.

The Torenias continue their show, although the pots are now sitting up atop the outdoor table so they're out of reach of ravenous wallabies.

This lovely Rosebud Pelargonium is now showing off and ...

... the Bumblebee Petunias and Vanilla Marigolds continue to show their beautiful flowers.

The pots of Gazanias are also sitting up on top of this table along with loads of plant I'm trying to keep out of harm's way.  This of course makes the table look lovely, but the courtyard itself looks rather drab and barren.

Elsewhere around the place ...

the flowers of the Brunfelsia latifolia or Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Shrub are blooming and ...

... and the first blooms are appearing on my deciduous Plumerias.

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  1. Your table top is stunning!!!, and as for those gorgeous Torenias and Gazanias....favorites of mine. The foliage of the Diffinbachia is superb.

  2. Such beautiful flowers displaying in your garden... the plumerias are just starting to fade in my yard.. were going into winter in Florida and most of the blooms are starting to grow... amazing how the Earth knows what time of year it is!
    Lovely photos

  3. What lovely blooms to see this morning before the sun is even up. I'm always amazed at the variety that you have and that you and I grow some of the same things.

    One of my favorites of your photos today are the Rosebud Pelargoniums.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Well Bernie, with all these colourful blooms one wouldn't know that you are having drought conditions. Funny how each country has some form of wildlife eating our plants, here its deer, rabbits and raccoons.
    Hoping you get some rain soon.
    Judith from Ontario, Canada

  5. This was such a colorful and beautiful post, Bernie. I so want your climate....

  6. hello Bernie, your parched and dry areas don't show in your blooms, they still look happy. I still remember those bumblebee petunias from your other post, and i really love that color! We don't have that here though. BTW, do wallabies also eat the dieffenbachia? I thought they are poisonous!

  7. I am not usually a fan of asiatic lilies , or diffenbachia for that matter, but your photos show such depth and complexity with the striated markings on them. Very rich and complex, and I like the odd diffenbachia flower too. I need to rethink my attitude toward both of these!

    I love the name of that brunfelsia - yesterday today and tomorrow plant --- how cool is that!

  8. I am going to enjoy watching your garden grow while mine is starting to fade. I will come here to enjoy your lovely lilies. The Brunfelsia latifolia is just gorgeous Bernie.

  9. Bernie, I really love the orchid like appearance of the Neomarica, it's very exotic looking. I've never seen a Diffenbachia bloom, don't laugh. Here they're mostly houseplants, and houseplants and I still aren't on the best of terms ;) I'm grateful the wallabies didn't mow them down so I could see this bloom! I'll trade you a California black-tailed deer for a wallaby though, that would get my neighbors talking!

  10. Bernie, I love the lilies and have not been able to find bulbs this fall locally. I am still not doing well with the Torenias need a lot of water in our summer heat. I think I will try them in a patio pot next year where I can baby them.


  11. Beautiful blooms and beautiful garden , so much color and serenity! Thank you for sharing

  12. You have so many flowers blooming, which are all beautiful! The torenias are especially lovely. Glad they are out of reach of the wallabies, who are also my favourites in your blog!

  13. Bernie, I still can't get over those petunias! I must get some soon! The Brunfelsia reminds me of my childhood in Sydney - we had a huge one in the front garden. I haven't lived in a warm enough climate since then to grow one, so I enjoyed seeing yours.

  14. What a beautiful series of flowers. The lilies remind me of our summer colors which are gone now.

  15. Your garden is like a heaven.
    Beautiful flowers.

    Regards and best wishes

  16. You have an excellent collection.

  17. As a gardener I have enjoyed your beautiful flowers. Here in Canada fall has arrived as can be seen in my post.

  18. All the flowers are so beautiful! your garden must be so lovely with so many gorgeous blooms.

  19. I love your tropical plants. You seem to have as much trouble with your wallabies as I have with my sheep who prefer my garden to their paddock. Thank goodness the kangaroos have not yet hopped my garden fences.

  20. Such gorgeous blooms!

    Today's Flower at my page. Have a blessed Sunday!

  21. Wow beautiful series of flowers! I love it!


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