Monday, June 20, 2011

Mosaic Monday ... Busy Bees At Work In The Garden

It seems the bees are enjoying this glorious winter weather as much as the plants and flowers are.  Now that the sky is clear and bright blue, and the sun is bathing the garden with its' brilliant golden rays, the bees have been out and about.

I haven't been out in the garden as much as I would like lately ... hectic other life! ... but when I have had the time to take a quick stroll around, I've noticed the hum of the many bees busy at work.  I have to say the photos in the mosaic are old, most were taken last year, because I simply haven't had the time to get my camera out.  But these are the bees I have spotted busily seeking out nectar in my garden in the last few weeks.  The only bee in these shots that I can name is the one with the fantastic blue and black stripes ... that's our native Blue Banded Bee - Amegilla cingulata.

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  1. We are missing bees this year and worry that our fruit trees weren`t adequately pollinated. It`s a problem all over the province - some sort of mite has got to them. I`m glad to see that you don`t have this problem!

  2. What a nice mosaic! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great week,

  3. The flowers are fantastic ans so are the bees. The yellow back bee is seen quite often here too.

  4. Lovely post and flowers, the bees are very welcome in our garden too. Have a wonderful week!

  5. That yellow and black one is a great carpenter bee (Xylocarpa), I think. Beautiful things, they are! The only big bees I see here are teddy bear bees. They occasionally fly into the house, get lost and have to be ushered out.

  6. A blue striped bee, don't think I have ever heard of this. It is so interesting to see the insects and animals in other countries.


  7. Great mosaic. Not many honeybees around this year or native, but lots of bumblebees. Have a wonderful week.

  8. Pondside, we are indeed very lucky here. There definitely doesn't seem to be an shortage of bees.

    Teagarden, thanks for visiting.

    Lotusleaf, that particular bee is rather large and so easy to spot. I've only seen them a few times around here though.

    Eileen, there always seem to be a bee or two around here. It's the wasps I'm not all that keen on though! We have way too many of them.

    Thanks, Val.

    Snail, thanks for the ID on that bee. I will start googling immediately to find out more.

    Eileen, the Blue Banded Bees are a very common sight here. There are a striking looking creature.

    Jen, I don't see all that many Bumblebees here. We do tend to get a lot of the natives and honeybees ... and as I mentioned above, loads and loads of wasps!

  9. Oh, your blue-banded bee is bee-autiful! I love seeing native bees in the garden.

  10. What pretty pictures of your bees. They are loving those blooms. I have noticed more Honeybees here this year which is a very good thing.

  11. Pszczółki niech pracują, ale ja podziwiałam też kwiat z prawej górnej części mozaiki. Pozdrawiam

  12. Gorgeous photos of the flowers and beautiful post!

  13. Isn't it lovely to have bees in the garden. I wonder the reason for blue bands on your native bee. It's fascinating! x


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