Saturday, October 3, 2015

What's On Show This Weekend ... October 3-4, 2015 ... mid-Spring.

Here we are in our mid-Spring month and about six months into our dry season.  If you've read the latest post in my other blog (see the sidebar), you'll know that this year's dry has been harsh.  I don't want to repeat myself but let's just say that a failed wet, long dry and starving wallabies have left my garden in tatters.

Thankfully there's still a few lovely things left to me to enjoy as I wander around. Otherwise I would be in the deepest of doldrums.  Out in the garden beds ...

This Kalanchoe has a few tall flowering heads.  I really adore these little bells.

The dwarf variegated Bougainvillea has it fabulous crimson pink bracts and tiny white flowers on show.

The Hippies have started popping up.

This Alpinia is always flowering and providing a little colour even during these every so dry conditions.

In the courtyard garden ...

I really love the effect of the setting sun on this fabulous Alocasia in the late afternoon.  It's a delight.

Well it seems the Cycas revoluta will be doing its thing in the springtime no matter what the conditions are like.  Spring is always the time for the 'breaks' to appear and it's happening on one of the Cycas right now.  It's always such fun watching these whorls pop up and then watch how quickly they get taller and taller.

Sitting atop the table in the courtyard, away from the marauding wallabies,

double Osteospermum and

double Petunias.

Elsewhere around the courtyard,

the Clerodendrum ugandense has recovered from it rather severe hair cut following the mauling by the wallabies,

while the pot of Impatiens and

the potted Azalea have escaped the great devouring.

There have been quite a few birds to be seen lately too, looking for food in and around the dry bushland.  I think this one is a Wedge-tailed Eagle.  It soared around for ages in the thermals, hanging on to the catch in its beak.  Maybe it was just enjoying the gliding so much it decided to wait for the snack.

I'm not entirely sure what bird this is, but it was certainly enjoying the fruits from the native Olive tree.  It was guzzling them down almost whole.

This gorgeous Forest Kingfisher was just sitting atop a branch looking out eagerly for something to snack on.  It didn't have much luck though and eventually flew off.

Out in the shadehouse ...

my old Impatiens walleriana have all been re-potted and are blooming nicely,

as are the baskets of Dragonwing Begonias.

That's all for this weekend.  I'm joining Today's Flowers

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