Sunday, July 12, 2015

What's On Show This Weekend ... July 11-12, 2015 ... mid-Winter.

The last week of the school holidays is over now, and work starts once more tomorrow.  It's amazing how quickly the time flies when you don't have to set the alarm for an early morning!

The weather has been simply glorious.  Whilst we call this time of the year 'winter', our northern tropical winters are very mild.  Our daytime temps. have mostly been around 25-26 deg C (77-79 F) and we've had day after day of bright blue sky days.

Some of the blooms out this weekend include:

'Bonanza' Petunias ... my favourites.

A rather unusual looking Begonia semperflorens flower.  It looks more like a daisy!

Eucharis amazonica.  I love the delicate sweet perfume of these flowers.

Clerodendrum ugandense or Blue Butterfly Bush.

Impatiens walleriana.

My favourite Impatiens walleriana - the double white.


Hibiscus rosa-sinensis.



Just as an aside:  when we rose this morning we spotted two rather unusual garden visitors.

A Wedge-tailed Eagle and a Whistling Kite were enjoying a breakfast feast in the side yard.


  1. Hello Bernie, your flowers and images are gorgeous. And I love the Eagle and Kite, they are cool visitors. Have a great day and new week ahead!

    1. Thanks Eileen. We're finally getting some cooler winter temps here today, which is lovely. Our visitors were absolutely delightful. Such a surprise!

  2. Beautiful temperatures. I love your double petunia and Impatiens plants.And I am drooling over that Hibiscus.LOL! Enjoy your winter.

    1. Lona, our temps fell a little last night and again this evening. Last night it got down to around 11 deg C!!! That is very cool for us. Same predicted for tonight. Had to get out the winter dressing gown.

  3. Hi Bernie! Good to see you posting again. Glad you enjoyed your holiday from school. Our school has been out since May and they are due to go back to school early August. I know the mums are counting down the days and there is school supplies in all the stores. Interesting visitors you have there...but anything in your garden and yard is interesting to me. Lovely flowers....just lovely! Its 94F here today.

    1. Hi Jean. I just had two weeks school holidays and it was wonderful. I got to visit with my eldest son and grandchildren and then came home to spend time out in the garden. Just delightful! Back to work today though.

      Sounds like you're having a warm summer over there. It's just starting to get slightly cooler here now. A low of 11 deg C predicted for tonight. That's real winter weather for us.

  4. Hi Bernie they'd certainly be an enormous surprise here! You have some great flowers there in your garden! :) Those two big birds must have come as quite a surprise to you!

    Your school holidays have now finished but here in the UK they are just about to begin!

    We also seem to be entering, almost, winter here as well! After record temps in the last week, of a very disappointing & cold, June the first week of July was a scorcher! But within a few days the temps had fallen again & the last few days haven't been nearly as warm or dry as the previous week. In fact this week we are forecast rain & below average temps most of the week, though the weather forecaster on TV this morning described the slightly higher temps & drier weather for Thursday & Friday this week, as a "blip" in the weather for the coming week!!!

    1. The birds were a fabulous surprise, David. I often marvel at the sights we get to see here! Yes school holidays are now over and I'm back at school for another term. The breaks fly by so quickly.

      This morning the temp. was 8 deg C as I headed off to work at 7.30 am. That is a freezing cold winter's morn for us! Definitely had a jumper on this morning. Of course it soon heated up and we had a very pleasant 20 deg C from about 10.00 am onwards. 7 deg C expected overnight tonight, so it's time for winter PJs.

  5. Your perfect winter weather is my perfect summer weather...your garden is lovely!


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