Monday, June 9, 2014

A Drizzly Drowsy Long Weekend ... Our Tropical Winter Has Begun.

Our three-day long weekend has seen a delightful couple of days with all-day, all-night drizzle and dreary skies.  It's been a pleasant break in our dry season, although for those who took off to camp or fish over this long weekend, it hasn't been very pleasant at all.  My poor husband left very, very early this morning to go fishing and had to return a few hours later because of the dangerously choppy conditions out on the water.

It's been quite blustery, with some wicked winds whipping through the foothills here this morning.  The daytime and night-time temps have dropped, so we've experienced our first little bit of cool tropical winter weather.  Yes, a maximum of only 20 deg C, and an overnight minimum of 18 deg C, is quite cool for us!  I had to pull out my winter dressing gown and throw a blanket on the bed! 

Rain during our long dry season is not unheard of, of course, but it's always such a pleasant surprise when we do get a few mills.  This weekend we've had almost non-stop light drizzle and although it hasn't really penetrated the earth here in my corner of the foothills, it's certainly refreshed the plants and refreshed the gardener.

I've been out pottering around here and there, enjoying the cool raindrops.  You see, here in the tropics we're used to rain feeling very warm.  Our heavy rain falls during our late summer and it tends to be warm on the skin.  Feeling cool rain splattering on your face is such a refreshing change.  It gives us a little idea of what it must be like in the northern hemisphere when the rain falls in the cooler months. 

While out in the garden doing a little weeding, tending and planting, I really noticed how fabulous some of the foliage plants are looking these days.  I always notice them more when the flowers are few and far between.  Anyway, I thought I'd end off by sharing some of the wonderful patterns, forms and colours on the plants that I do rather take for granted.

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