Sunday, February 10, 2013

Look To The Sky ... The Year In Photographs ... February 10, 2013

While wandering out around the property this afternoon, I noticed a massive vapour trail streaking across the blue sky.  It lasted up there for ages.

Supposedly, a long-lasting vapour trail is an early indicator of a storm.  Maybe there will be a little thunder, and possibly rain this evening.


  1. Whenever I see those trails, I wonder if they are 'chem' trails and hope they aren't.


  2. Ahh I remember blue sky's! Lol ;)Hope you get some rain soon sending it for you I have far too much.

  3. Oh look at those gorgeous blue skies and fluffy clouds.

  4. I hope we are done with storms here for a while but it looks like another fun one coming. Love your warm blue skies.

  5. Lovely blue sky pictures, feel a bit like teasing right now, as we have grotty weather with yet another snowfall! There seems no end to it….I need spring now, some warm sunny weather so me and my plants can go: ahhhhhh!


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