Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yahooo ... I'm Back!

Well, that was a very interesting 36 hours!!!!

Google shut down my account while I was sleeping and I awoke to find I could no longer access my email, my blogs, my Google+ stream or my Picasa albums ... all of which were associated with my google account.  Apparently somebody out there was messing with my account ... what is wrong with these people who seem to love hacking into others accounts?    How I wish there were some serious consequences for those individuals!

Anyway, it seems everything is back to normal ... well for now anyway.  I was suffering from some serious withdrawal symptoms for a while.  But I can once again participate in the online gardening world.  Happy days!


  1. Welcome back. Hope you never have to go through that again (or any of the rest of us either). It does show how precarious our blogs are, doesn't it.

    1. Thanks Missy. Well this whole experience has shown me how everything that is associated with my google account is really out of my hands. When they decide to shut the account down, it means you have no access to anything. There's no warning at all. I just found out early one morning that I couldn't sign in and that was that!

  2. Woohooo! Your Back and I can see you again. Missed you! I had a really creepy email on Friday from some one with very bad English saying very unpleasant things. I blocked the sender but its unsettling to think someone is messing with you. I think I will change all my pass words again today just in case.

  3. Welcome back. It would be nice if they could put a stop to these hackers. I was told to keep it might help by changing my password a lot.

  4. Dear Bernie ~ Good to see you back. It's kind of scarey that we can be shut down faster than we can blink. How on earth did you get it all back, in case it happens to the rest of us?

    Looking forward to reading more about your wonderful part of the world.


  5. Someone messing with your google... that's scary...

    Glad that you got your account back. Maybe you should look into setting up a domain name and a wordpress?

    Not having all our eggs in the same basket is often recommended, and having other platforms that we're blogging on generally gives a certain amount of cross-pollination of styles, concepts, and template settings... and you'd be able to keep on posting on one of your blogs if you got blocked again...

    Have you backed everything up? Blogspot has a single-click way to download your blog into your computer... It isn't going to be readable, but you could use the file to "export" the entire blog to wordpress or something if you decided to go that route.

  6. I am so glad you got it back Bernie. I was afraid you would not be able to get through to them to get any results. It would be an anxious time to think you had lost everything.

  7. I am sorry to here this Bernie, but glad everything is back up and running.

  8. We're really at the mercy of this technology, aren't we? I had stopped visiting your blog because it started doing weird things to my computer: opening multiple web pages and then freezing up. Now I think maybe it was someone messing with your account all along. No problems today (you see I kept trying to visit you!)so I'm happy too.

  9. Yahoo...on Google. Had me confused for a moment there! Welcome back.


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