Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wildlife On Wednesday ... Lizard On The Run.

I've written a post about this fantastic looking creature before and I included loads of facts about the Varanus varius.  You can catch up with that post here ... The Lace Monitor Lizard (Varanus varius).  The Lace Monitor Lizard or Tree Goanna is one of our country's largest lizards and is such a striking looking thing.

I find them just fascinating as they have the most incredible markings all over their body.  It's always a joy to spot one lumbering around my place covered in those fantastic white spots, lacy blotches and bands.

Well, just the other day I could hear some loud screeching and squawking from a little flock of Blue-Faced Honeyeaters.  They are fairly noisy birds when they get together, but I began to notice there was quite a note of urgency in their calls.  That's when I twigged there might be something happening on the other side of our yard, so I grabbed my camera and headed over that way.

Sure enough I spotted a Lace Monitor scarpering across the yard being hounded by the flock of Honeyeaters.  Now I know Lace Monitors actively forage for nesting birds' eggs and perhaps that was the problem. It may have got too close to one of the Honeyeater's nests and the alarm went out.

It's rather funny seeing one of the largest lizards in the world being chased away by a flock of birds, but that's definitely the impression I got as I watched the action unfold.  The Lace Monitor kept looking back to see where the birds were.

I had the chance to capture a little of this action, so it's over to the video clip.

 Do you have any wonderful wicked looking wildlife visiting your garden? 


  1. Nothing this wicked, just the Japanese Beetles!


  2. Wow, they are cool looking critters. Just how large are they, they look aligator size to me. Pretty birds. I love the photos and the video.

  3. Good grief that’s enormous, but fascinating and I know a young lady who will want one as a pet!!!!!!! At best we get the odd fox and we have a resident hedgehog and bats in the loft.

  4. Beautiful creature, great pics.

  5. For all the wildlife that roams around here, I must admit, we have nothing quite this wicked and spectacular looking!

  6. We have lots of wonderful wicked-looking things roaming around Florida, but not this one! Thanks for submitting this link on my Friday Creature Feature!

  7. So beautiful! He must be related to the bungarrow we have in Darwin. Here we have a racehorse goanna and I must remember to put a pic of him on my blog too. I love the last shot, such fantastic colours. These are real ancient creatures. Love the way this one waddles. Nice video Bernie.


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