Monday, August 1, 2011

Mosaic Monday ... Beginning Of The End.

The first day of August heralds the beginning of the end of Winter for us.  Yes, August is the last Winter month here in Oz. 

It's been simply fantastic weather for getting out into the garden and there have been quite a few chores for me to do around my place.  The past weekend was jammed pack with gardening jobs.  Lots of weeding and trimming.  Digging over and digging in the mulch in the new garden bed.  Finding some lovely surprises ... like blooms on my previously hidden and forgotten Hibiscus.

Now if you look closely, you'll see something draped over my gardening shears.  While I was busy chopping off bits and pieces in the front garden bed, I found a little snake skin that had been shed recently.  Obviously it's from a little baby snake that slithered off to grow bigger and bigger.  Luckily I didn't notice the snake hanging about in the overgrown mess in that front garden bed, although it may have been there lurking in the underplanting.

There were other little creatures I noticed while out and about in my garden on this winter weekend. 
Some were slithery critters ...

... like the little garden lizard and the slightly larger Lace Monitor with its distinctive patterning.

Some were winged creatures ....

... like the unknown creature at the top, the Blue-Banded Bee on the left and the Fungus-eating Ladybird on the right.

Of course, whilst I was certainly very busy out in the garden, there was always time for a break for that mid-morning cuppa out in my courtyard garden.  It's just a wonderful spot to sit back and enjoy the day and the lovely colour of the potted plants in bloom right now.

There's some pretty pinks and purples ....

 ... and some golden yellows out in the courtyard right now.

Not a bad way to herald the coming end of our Winter.

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  1. I would love to join you for a cuppa in the courtyard garden. It is very colourful. Enjoy the cooler weather Bernie.

  2. A perfectly delightful way to see winter out it appears. Your gardens look wonderful and so there's only good things to look forward to in spring. Some of the critters in your garden would scare me to death. I like the idea of a fungus eating ladybug, though.

  3. Bernie ... absolutely fabulous. The flowers are a delight and the porch is an invitation to stay and visit! (BTW - cool garden tools!!) :)

  4. Bernie, what a gorgeous courtyard you have and what a delightful place it must be to sit. I wish mine was as green and lush as this - more time needed to do more work! The pansies and other flowers are lovely splashes of colour. We have been so tied up with aging parents this year that I didn't plant any annuals at all, and sadly none came up of their own accord. Oh well - I guess there is still time....or perhaps next year!

  5. My Dear Bernie...Here you go again astounding me with your garden and all of your gorgeous mosaics. I cannot believe your winter is over...we are still burning up here in VA. Looking at these shots you would never know you went through such awful weather last year. All looks to back to normal. School starts back in 2 weeks so my free time is about over. Buddy starts his 3 week hike of the Long Trail from Vermont to the Canadian border. I put him on the train on Wed. morning. It is going to be just me, the dog and the kitty for what is going to seem like an eternity. Wish I was rich and could just hop on a plane and come down under to see you and that part of the world. Hugs, Genie

  6. Thanks Jen. I would love it if you dropped by for a cuppa in the courtyard ... anytime!

    Vee, yes I will enjoy this last month of winter very much. By mid-Spring it starts to get a whole lot warmer. Spring is really just early Summer to us.

    Shrylene, lol, those garden tools have quite some history. There almost as old as me!!

    Jill, there's still plenty of time for your annuals. I know, though, how it can be hard to find the time to get them started. I hope you are looking after yourself as well while you're looking after your parents. Treat yourself kindly.

    Genie, oh to be flush with money! Lol, I'd be on the plane heading your way and we'd pass each other mid-air! I know the summer over there has been long and hot and I do so hope it cools down very soon. You'll be so busy with school soon that you won't notice the weather!

  7. Beautiful flowers and photos. I love the mosaic and the critters. But, that monitor looks BIG. Your garden looks like a perfect place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. Thanks for sharing, have a great week!

  8. Bernie, Beautiful blooms with beautiful collages. Love them all. If you have such wonderful blooms during Winter, what should we expect in Spring?

  9. Eileen, yes the Lace Monitor is fairly big. This particular one was over a metre in length. I think they can grow to around 1.5 metres.

    One, hopefully I'll have some Lilies out during the Spring. We'll wait and see how things go.

  10. Lovely pictures! Wishing you a wonderful advent to your spring as we anticipate the beginning of our autumn. Not many weeks hence. Wishing you well! Cathy

  11. Bernie,

    Great photos of the winter garden. I always love seeing your creatures, we have to go to the zoo to see them. My torenia is finally taking off must have found the right place for it.


  12. Love the pinks and purples and the yellows are a real blast of sunshine. You have been a busy girl. Layla would be fascinated by the snake skin she's really in to reptiles at the moment. I will show Layla your blog on Thursday when she comes to stay. Have a great week.

  13. What wonderful pictures. Yikes, that Lace Monitor lizard. How large is he? He certainly looks prehistoric.

    I just love your courtyard area, and can imagine sitting there taking all that beauty in.

    Enjoy the end of your winter.


  14. Your garden is so inviting in the wide angle view. It is tropically lush and full of garden life, but that big monitor would not be so welcome here. The little lizards I would love to have though!

  15. Bernie, Your exotic blooms just scream winter to me (not!). Oh to be in a place that beautiful all year round! Your mosaics are gorgeous.

  16. What pretty mosaics today Bernie with the pinks and the yellows. You do have a few containers don't you. LOL! Your patio looks so lush.

  17. Lovely mosaics! And to think this is winter! Isn't the monitor lizard very dangerous and aggressive? I do hope you keep your distance from that one! Take care.

    Come for a visit when you have a moment The Gardening Life.

  18. Your mosaics are so bright and cheerful this week! I love the shades of lavender! ♥

  19. Lucky you, wish we were facing into Summer, instead we have big bad Winter round the corner.

  20. Such a cool oasis in your garden. I assume your critters are harmless. Beautiful and colourful flowers for a winter garden. V

  21. Bernie, you have the nicest winter in the world. I've just photographed a gum tree on the highway here, the one with whitish trunk when the barks shed off! I remember you and of course Sydney, which i miss so much!

  22. Bernie your garden and court yard looks de lovely and I also want a cuppu in there please! Love the pics of the little garden creatures.


  23. You sound like you are enjoying the cooler weather. The garden looks like it was never damaged by the cyclone. You must have done heaps of work. I wish I could get into my garden and clean it up and prepare for the summer. Unfortunately I've been sick for 3 weeks. I did a little today so I hope to do a bit more each day but this growing old is no fun when your back hurts after a short time in the garden. Your flowers are beautiful.


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