Monday, July 4, 2011

Mosaic Monday ... Feathers, Fur, Wing and Skin.

My holidays didn't turn out quite as I expected.  I've been sick with some nasty sort of virus during my semester break and haven't really been able to do much at all.  So much for the long list of household chores I was going to catch up on!  

Anyway, I can't complain too much ... instead of furiously cleaning, I've been chilling out just enjoying the weather and the views from my verandah instead!  So I thought I'd share a little of what I've been observing in between little nana naps on the rocking chair!!

 Forest Kingfisher

Yellow-Bellied Sunbird
Agile Wallabies
 Blue-Banded Bee

Garden Lizard
Cute little green frog
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  1. yiks that garden lizard. I would have ran back to my house if I see one. Oh yes those birds and that cute little frog are so really wonderful.

  2. Bernie,I love to see your wallaby visitors!All your shots are wonderful! I hope you are well now. Sometimes it is good to lie back and enjoy nature around you .

  3. Oh dear Stephanie, you'd never set foot in my garden if you don't like lizards. They are everywhere here and there would be dozens of them around my garden.

    Lotusleaf, thank you for your well wishes. I'm still on the road to recovery but I haven't shaken off the virus yet. Luckily I've been able to really rest.

  4. Gorgeous images! The frog one is my favourite..amazing!Wish my garden had so many lovely visitors...


  5. HI Bernie, thanks for stopping by my blog. It was great to hear from you. I wrote you a message earlier, but my connection has been on go slow today. I hope you are feeling better - at least it has given you time to sit back and enjoy your garden. Such beautiful birds you have visiting, and I was amazed to see the frog curled up on the leaf. Have a wonderful week.

  6. What a menagerie! Those wallabies look very relaxed.

  7. Just love visiting you. Your pictures are a delight. Today's pictures of the wee birds are just beautiful! Thank you!!! Cathy

  8. Wszystko jest piękne: ptaki,kangury z dzidziusiami w swojej kieszonce, pszczółka, jaszczurki ( chociaż nie przepadam za nimi) i żabka.Dziękuję, że mogłam to pooglądać. Życzę szybkiego powrotu do zdrowia. Pozdrawiam

  9. Hi Bernie,

    I hope you are feeling better just in time to go back to school!

    Amazing things you have living in your garden.


  10. Bernie, I hope you are feeling better. Fabulous photos of the visitors to the yard.

  11. I enjoyed traveling to the other side of the world through your pics. Beautiful!

  12. yes Bernie the photos are all lovely, esp that little green frog. But where are the rainbow lorikeets and the gallahs? They are the symbol of Oz that i miss a lot, haha!

  13. Dearest Bernie, hope you feel a lot better by now. I always enjoy your blog. You´re a gem with the camera. What´s the name of it, will you tell me please. Well, it doesnt all credit the camera, you certainly know how to handle it and use it. Woww such lovely photos of the aussie fauna.
    Envy you down under.
    Have a nice day.
    Love Iris, Denmark.

  14. Nice photos Bernie, I like that Blue-Banded Bee, too me a minuet to realize what I was looking at when looking at the photos of the green frog.

  15. Veronica, thank you so much for visiting. It's always great to see new people dropping by to enjoy the photos.

    Hi Jill. I'm on the mend slowly, thanks for asking. It's that time of year again ... the nasty winter bugs are out and about.

    Snail, the wallabies are much at home here. They seem to think it's their own private property!

    Cathy, the little Sunbirds are my favourites. They have a lovely song.

    Giga, I'm glad you enjoyed the wildlife photos today. I'm not much of a fan of frogs, but I do rather like the wallabies.

    Eileen, yes I've only got a week left to get better before I have to get back to school. Hopefully that will be enough time.

    Thanks, Garden of Threads.

    Suzy, it's good to see you popping by.

    Andrea, lol, I didn't include any photos of the Cockatoos or Lorikeets this time! I thought I'd go with some different birds for a change.

    Iris, my camera is my old Canon Powershot S2 1S. I've had it for years now and it's probably considered a little old-fashioned these days. But it does take good shots so I'm quite happy with it.

    Stone Art, it's lovely to see you popping by too. It took me a while to notice the green frog on that Cordyline too. Perfect camouflage!

  16. Hi Bernie! Thanks for your kind comment on my post. I am sorry, I have made a mistake in the name of the butterfly- it is not Black Mormon, but the Common Mormon Papilio polytes. The Black Mormon has a dash of yellow.

  17. Omigosh, what fabulous garden visitors you have! I hope you are soon feeling better -- it's no fun to spend your vacation not feeling well!

  18. Hi Bernie,
    I love your garden so much, I put BOTH of your blogs on my garden favorites. This is my first time visit this one. Judging from these lovely photos, I take it that you are never lonely...LOL
    I love the tropical birds since I'm a birder as well as gardener. They seem like flying jewels.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  19. Hi Bernie...Sorry you have been not feeling well.
    I have just stumbled upon your blog and I like what I see so I shall be a visitor now. I hope you don't mind! I had the opportunity to visit your great county back in 2001. A lovely and unusual place with very different flora and fauna from my southern United States.I do remember seeing a lizard at the zoo in Canberra that I think was a blue tongued lizard.Had a friend once from Brizzy who has since passed away who told me all about the lizards in his garden and who grew orchids on his trees. I hope to come back one day and see more of your wonderful country.

  20. Wow what interesting critters you have. I just loved the frog. Hope you are better soon. V


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