Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's WOW Time ... Wildlife on Wednesday ... Blue-faced Honeyeater.

This beauty is not easily mistaken for any other bird with its striking blue patch around the eyes.  Entomyzon cyanotis ... the Blue-faced Honeyeater ... is one of our larger Honeyeaters with golden-green upperparts and a pure white underbody.  It has a black crown, a black face and a black neck with a narrow white band across the back.

It is, however, the blue facial skin that really holds my attention.  If you look closely, you can see the blue is two-toned, with the lower bit being a really bright cobalt blue.

Just yesterday I had the privilege of witnessing a couple of the Blue-faced Honeyeaters darting here and there amongst the trees here at my place.  I do see these lovely birds fairly regularly but this time I was lucky enough to get the song of one of them on record.

The Blue-faced Honeyeater in the video clip is a juvenile.  You can tell because this bird's facial skin is a yellow-green.  This is quite a loud bird and its' voice sounds something like 'ki-owt'.

Before you do play this video clip, however, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of this page and stop the Playlist that's playing otherwise you'll have competing songs happening!!

In this next clip you will see that nectar is not the only food this bird enjoys.  Even though it's called a Honeyeater, it does enjoy a diet of insects and fruit, as well as nectar.  This bird is clearly foraging for insects.

Do you a bird or two that visits your place?  I would love to see some of your posts about the birdlife that loves your garden.


  1. They like chips too! I spotted a trio of them at the servo in Marlborough (I think) --- one would distract small kids, while the others darted in to nick their chips.

  2. What a beautiful bird! You have such wonderful creatures and blooms there in your part of the world.


  3. What a beauty! Your videos are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a WOW your blue honeyeater is! Such lovely colours on one bird! Today I saw a bright yellow bird in my backyard trying to eat the ripe papaya on my tree. By the time I got my camera, it was gone!

  5. What a beautiful bird. I love the irrediscent green feathers. Very wicked beck on it. LOL! But I guess it is for eating nectar. The blue around the eyes makes it look fierce too.

  6. A very handsome fellow! I love your WOW post, and that blue skin color is definitely...WOW! His call seems vaguely parakeet-like, just quite a bit louder ;)

  7. What an intriguing bird. The blue is gorgeous. Great shots!

  8. Wow, what great birdlife you have visiting your garden. I am not sure you would want to see the robins and sparrows, some cardinals that visit my garden.



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