Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Another Mid-Winter Flower Flaunt On This Skywatch Friday

Only a couple of days left in this mid-Winter month of July and the weather continues to be sunny and mild.

In the last couple of weeks there have been some controlled burn-offs around our city, including one that was set at the base of the ranges that surround my home.  These controlled burn-offs are a common sight here in winter, especially after a long and intense wet season.  They are deliberately lit by council workers and our Fire Service, who work together in an effort to reduce the risk of wildfires and maintain fire breaks around our city. 

This year's wet season created a lot of huge amount of grass growing on the hill slopes, and after the cyclones we experienced as well, there was also a lot of debris laying on the ground from broken branches and fallen trees.  Now that we are in our drier months, the risk of bushfire is quite high.  Summertime is not the only time of year here when there is danger of  fire.

As I left work during the week I could see the burn-off in the distance in the outlying ranges where I live.  So here's the view as I travel the 30 kilometres towards my home from my workplace.

Just left work ... and I'm heading towards my home in those hills in the distance.

 A bit further on now ... and I'm on the highway going south.

I've turned off the highway now and I'm heading into my outlying rural suburb that sits at the foot of this extensive system of ranges. 

The fire is actually a few kilometres away from our suburb here in the foothills and will not reach us.  It will continue to burn for a couple weeks as it makes its way through the mountain ranges in the background.  Luckily for us, the prevailing wind is blowing in the other direction.

When I reach my home in amongst the foothills to the right of the photo above, I can no longer actually see the bushfire from my property.  There was however a tinge of red over the landscape as the sun set.

Now to what's blooming around my place today.  The only new blooms to be seen at the moment are the tiny, delicate and rather inconspicuous flowers of the Serissa foetida.

I thought I would present photos of my other mid-Winter blooms in a slidebox presentation today, in an effort not to be too boring showing the same 'ole same 'ole.  

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I'm also joining in the Skywatch Friday  meme today.


  1. Bernie,

    That smoke is a little scary but a necessary activity. I really liked your scrapbook presentation, great ruffled petunia.


  2. love your slide show it has been so hot here I'm wishing for some fall weather.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

    Uma grande viagem sem dúvida....
    um abraço

  4. First of all, you are driving on the wrong side of the street, lol. Burns, controlled or not are a little scary to me. Love your scrapbook slide show.

  5. That is so interesting how that is done. You captured it all so nicely.

  6. The fire will burn for a few weeks? that is scary. hope you are far from it. your plant with those green and yellow foliage must be emeralds of gold.

  7. Love the scrapbook slideshow, but don't ever think your flowers could be boring.

  8. It is rather a surprising sight but thank goodness controlled burns help protect homes and lives.

  9. I would be nervous about the fire, but I understand the purpose for it. I enjoyed the scrapbook slideshow!

  10. Hi Bernie, Your photos of the burn off were interesting, your music is beautiful, and you say it is winter where you live...wish our winters were mild like yours! lol
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  11. The controlled burn-offs are very interesting.
    The mountain in the sunset is very beautiful.

  12. Eileen, that Petunia needed trimming as it just went beserk.

    Thanks for visiting Cherry. I hope that heat and humidity breaks soon. Some cooler weather would be so refreshing.

    Paredes, thanks very much for your kind comment. It's always great having a new visitor drop by.

    Darla, lol. I was wondering if anyone would notice that I'm driving on the left! The burn-offs are so needed and necessary evil right now after the heavy wet season we had earlier.

    Sage Butterfly, yes it's a common sight here every year so we're quite used to seeing huge plumes of smoke on the horizon.

    Mel, yes it will burn for ages. That's an extensive system of ranges that circle our city so it will burn on for a while yet.

    Missy, I'm glad you enjoyed the slideshow. It's just something a little different.

    Shirley, yes the burn-offs here are a terrific way of protecting our city and suburbs. We've rarely had destructive fires happen here and it's a direct result of the council's hard work in reducing the fuel load in the surrounding bushland.

    Debsgarden, we locals are used to the sight of these burn-offs and just don't worry about them anymore. Occasionally we're inundated with smoke and ash, but we put up with it because it saves lives and properties.

    Beth, yes this is our winter. It's one of the attractions of living in the tropics. It's a fabulous time of year.

  13. Beautiful scrapbook slideshow! I did happen to notice that you were driving on the left side of the road, which seems a little backwards to me.;) Sure glad the smoke wasn't drifting your direction.

  14. glad you came to visit my entry bernie and i'm also happy to know you are far from that fire. keep safe.

  15. I enjoyed the scenery during your ride home but the fire look quite overwhelming. The scrapbook style slide presentation is a joy to watch. The Serissa has very pretty leaf patterns. The little white flowers are very sweet too.

  16. we have controlled burns here sometimes too...they are a bit unsettling...but necessary I guess....
    have a great week friend...thanks for linking in!


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