Friday, April 8, 2011

Flower Flaunt on a Skywatch Friday ... Here They Come!

Hallelujah!  What's that I spy as the sun rises?

Could that be blue sky?

Is that bird soaking up some bright golden rays to start the day?

Are those fluffy white clouds strewn across that vast expanse of blue?

Yes, folks ... here they come!  Those brilliant bright blue Autumn skies!  Finally!

After two days filled with brilliant sunshine and mostly clear bright blue skies, I'm hopeful the 'wet' season might have bid farewell for 2011 and its' dreary leaden-grey-cloud filled skies are gone.

I'm seeing brilliant sunshine gleaming on the foliage ...

... and bright blue sky through the stripped cyclone-damaged canopy!

The whites somehow seem whiter and brighter!
Mandevilla 'White Fantasy'

Cuphea hyssopifolia

Shafts of sunlight light up the purples and pinks.

Angelonia angustifolia

Jacobinia or Justicia carnea

Mussaenda philippica 'Bangkok Rose'

The reds seem to be aglow!

New Guinea Impatiens

The yellows appear to be shining!
Allamanda cathartica


Even the greens seem more lustrous!

Plants I thought were lost have thrown out new blooms.
Bracteantha bracteata or Straw Flower/Everlasting Daisy

miniature Dahlia

Brunfelsia latifolia syn. bonodora or Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

So what do you think little Fig Bird?   Is this our real Autumn weather at long last?

I'm joining Skywatch Friday 

I'm also joining in the Blooming Friday meme ... this week it's titled 'Eye Candy'!

Please don't miss the opportunity to visit these memes.


  1. What beautiful plants. The bird is stunning. I sure wish I had those living here, instead of pidgeons.

  2. Rosie, that's a common old Fig Bird and such a familiar sight around here that we almost don't notice them. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  3. Refreshed by your beautiful sky!

  4. Lovely to see the sun on your garden again chasing that summer gloom away. The Mandevilla is gorgeous.

  5. Your greens and flowers are delightful! I know.. it's nice to have the sun back. I hope for moderate climate for you from now. And may your garden keep growing and blooming :-D

  6. Hi Bernie. Girl I am so glad you got your sunshine. Doesn't that just perk you right up. LOL! Your greens do look more greener now. Wow, what a great plant your Mussaenda philippica is. Just beautiful. Straw Flowers! I knew I was forgetting some seeds this spring. LOL! Have a wonderful and sunny weekend.

  7. Hi Bernie, I think I will hang out over here at your blog, it looks like you have more sun and warmer weather! Your pictures are stunning!

  8. Wow, what a show Bernie. Loved the eye popping color.

  9. oh Bernie!!! I would love a line of ferns like that one you shared!!! I can't even keep one happy...hahaha
    I am so glad you linked in this week...I do love to visit and see what you are sharing. Your flower photos are just popping with color!

  10. Hi Bernie - what a brilliant Autumn post starting with the breathtakingly optimistic sunrise. Your plants certainly seem to appreciate the heavenly blue. Particularly love the Pelargonium and fear mine succumbed this winter. Years ago my Grandmother told me that Australians make hedges with Pelargoniums - maybe that was her wishful thinking as she raised hers in the greenhouse.

  11. Thank you Gale and J Bar for popping by and making such kind comments.

    Sue ... yes I think the summer gloom is finally being shown the door!

    Stephanie ... I'm now looking forward to a drier and sunnier end of autumn and winter. I'll be able to get my annuals started now.

    Lona ... yes I'm just so pleased to see that sun! Everything looks brighter.

    Carla, glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Thanks Green Apples! The colours so seem to pop when that sun comes out.

    Glenda ... those ferns are the hardiest ferns I've ever had! They survive just about anything Mother Nature can throw at them.

    Laura ... I have indeed seen Pelargoniums used as small hedging. That was further north up in the Tablelands area where it's cooler and moister most of the year. They usually get drizzly rain up there, not the horrid torrential monsoonal rain we get here. The Pellies don't like the heavy stuff!

    Thanks Tanya for visiting and leaving your lovely comment.

  12. I so enjoyed my visit. Your pictures are just beautiful. I love that strawflower, that gorgeous sky and your lush greens. Looks like a perfect day.

  13. Looks like lovely weather at last Bernie!
    I do love the little everlasting daisy, mine are finished for the year as they, like many things are starting to 'pack themselves up' for Autumn down here!

  14. So glad I visited this blog as well, after visiting 'Bernie's Garden' - beautiful photo's, especially the pelargonium & the Mandevilla!

  15. So many lovely shots! Among the flowers, I like the mandevilla the best.

  16. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Glad you are getting some blue skies and sunshine finally. We have hot, dry winds here in West Texas with lots of wildfires, so I enjoyed seeing your lush, green garden. Glad things are looking better for you.

  17. Wow Bernie, your flowers and plants seemed to have a second life after the wet season! Everything seemed so bright and rejuvenated!


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