Friday, February 25, 2011

Flaunt Your Flowers on Friday - end-of-summer and post-cyclone time

As February draws to a close, so does our Summer ... and I'm quite happy to say goodbye to the 2010-2011 Summer!  It was a season of some considerable change in my garden and right now it's difficult to find blooms to share for this Fertiliser / Flaunt Your Flowers on Friday post.

I've looked high and low for something to share ... and I was really pleased to find just a few flowers here and there. 

Around the property the dependable Hibiscus rosa-sinensis shrubs stood up the Cyclone Yasi with great gusto and have been flowering non-stop ...

...  and there are flower buds on the Crotons as well.

Out in the Greenhouse Garden there's just a few blooms ...  Curcuma australasica 'Anita', a tiny unknown Orchid, Calathea medallion, Dragon Wing Begonia and Barleria obtusa.

Out in the Courtyard Garden blooms are hard to find.  Most of the container plants suffered even though they were moved to a sheltered spot and were not out in the open.  The cyclonic winds still managed to reach quite a few of the potted plants even in their sheltered spot ... and the days when we had no running water meant I was unable to continue with their usual watering routine.  Still, in spite of the terrible time they had, I have managed to spot these few little flowers ... Torenia fournieri and Ixora 'Twilight Glow'.

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  1. Glad you are still blessed with lovely blooms. May you see more and more as times goes by.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Those are some beautiful plants and photos! Thank you for sharing.
    Your newest follower
    Stopping by from Fertilizer Friday

  3. Our Spring is just about to have some beautiful blooms to share today. I did not know that Crotons bloom.

  4. Happy to hear you are back to gardening after the disaster. You still have lovely flowers to flaunt Bernie. Happy weekend!

  5. The weather in Australia has featured a great deal in our newspapers. I have been surprised at the contrasts across the country. I am also now aware that one side of the world is slipping into winter while here we move into Spring. Blogging has certainly increased my knowledge of gardens around the world!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Lovely pictures! Thank you so much for showing:)
    Take care,

  7. Let's hope we don't see a destructive summer like that again ever. I'm glad it's over too and glad to see there is still beauty in your garden.

  8. Well I'm happy you managed to get through this summer and even have lovely blooms to show despite the horrific flooding and winds. I hope you are well;-)

  9. Oooh what a beutiful hibiskus /Suss

  10. Flowerlady ... though few and far between, it was a delight to find some flowers in my garden.

    Leslie, thank you for dropping by. Thank you also for becoming my newest follower. I hope you continue enjoying about my downunder garden.

    Darla, as your Spring approaches so does our Autumn. I love Autumn in the garden and I'm so looking forward to moving on from this horrid Summer that's almost over. Yes, indeed, Crotons do flower though they have to be of a certain age to do so.

    P3 ... no-one was more surprised than me to actually find a few blooms, even though it was just a few!

    Easygardener, yes Australia is a vast nation and full of contrasts. Unfortunately most parts have experienced some horrid weather event this Summer and is in recovery mode of some sort or other. But that's our great land for you and we are a resilient bunch!

    Charlotta, thanks for your kind comment and I'm pleased you stopped by.

    Missy, I'm in total agreement ... I hope we never see a Summer quite as destructive again, but of course the chances are, we will. Let's just hope we have enough time to get over this one first!

    Jan, yes we're all well. We just tired from the hard work we've been busy doing lately. There's still quite a bit to do but at least there's signs of the recovery starting.

    Suss ... the Hibiscus are indeed lovely. I have lots of Hibiscus shrubs, but they are all the old-fashioned red-flowering varieties and quite hardy in our conditions here thankfully.

  11. That is amazing Bernie. Just goes to show you, "life will find a way".
    I have been wondering how you fared with your beautiful garden, but left my visit for a while as I thought you would need time to settle again after the ordeal. Cheers.

  12. Hi Linda May. It has been hard going seeing so many spots around my place suddenly bare ... and seeing so many of the tall trees bare and broken! But I am still finding some lovely little flowers so that does lift the spirits somewhat.

  13. Glad to see so much still blooming against all the odds Bernie. Hibiscus are certainly flaunting their colours and have always loved your Calathea medallion but now I spot a gorgeous 'Pinch of Green' in their flowers.

  14. Lush green sprinkled with loads of colours in between. Lovely pictures! I contrast, with spring round the corner, our gardens here in India are begining to look better by the day!

  15. Hello Bernie. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. We will certainly be glad to have Ross home again!
    I've wondered about you during the turmoil of nasty weather you've experienced and am glad to know you and your beautiful garden have survived without too much damage. Those few lovely blooms are precious, aren't they? Together they make a very pretty post :) You have some real beauties. I especially love the Hibiscus.

  16. oh Bernie, with the look of your photos some of your plants didn't seem to mind the last typhoon. They seem to be recovering fully well. Can you post again the after the typhoon photos when they are already having shoots!

  17. Good shots!Am always surprised to see we have very similar plants-makes your garden so familiar to me. Could our gardens be twins separated at birth?


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