Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mosaic Monday ... Playing the Bloggers' Game!

Thanks to Shrylene at The Bunnies' Buffet, Missy at Missy's Garden and Valerie at Gardening In A Sandbox for inviting me to join in the game '10 Things I Like'.   I'm going to try to make this about anything but gardening for a change ... time to try something new.   I wonder how far I'll get before I suddenly mention something about plants or gardens!!!  Alright ... here I go.

1.  I like listening to records playing on our old Marantz turntable.  Our grandchildren find this a novel experience when they visit ... and our friends love to chill out, have a glass or two and listen to the hits from yesteryear crackling away in the background.  Hubbie and I have eclectic taste in music ... on the weekend the selection included -Ian Drury's 'New Boots and Panties', Linda Ronstadt's 'Simple Dreams', Janis Joplin's 'Pearl', John Lennon's 'Rock And Roll', Bob Dylan's 'Blonde on Blonde', the Rolling Stones' 'Some Girls' and Willie Nelson's 'Always'.  How's that for diversity?

2.  I like old black and white photos.  I find them quite fascinating and I find myself yearning to know the story behind the people in them.  In the last few years I've accumulated a pile of these stunning photos from older family members ... but unfortunately there are no longer any living relatives who know just who these people in the photographs are!  So sadly their stories will go untold ... but take a look at these and try to convince me you don't want to know all about them.  What is that uniform?  What did those children grow up  to be? 

3.  I like old Australian Silky Oak wooden furniture.  There's something about the beautiful colour, hue and grain of this wood.  Australian Silky Oak is not actually an oak at all ... it's a Grevillea - Grevillea robusta.  This is a tree native to my state of Queensland and has long been used for fine furniture, flooring, window frames and such.  I'm not much of a housekeeper ... I really don't get excited about cleaning ... but I could spend all day polishing these beautiful pieces.

4.  I like Royal Doulton 'Orchid' china ... for sentimental reasons.  Neither my Mother or Father came from a well-to-do background, quite the opposite in fact. ... and they both took their sweet time finding a life partner, compared to their siblings anyway!  They got married in the late 1950's when they were both in their late 30's.  When they married, the families got together to purchase a dinner set for them.  It was the Royal Doulton 'Orchid' set ... but not a complete set as this was beyond their means.

About 20 years ago, Dad thought it was time to pass it on to me  ... and ever since I've been looking out for the last few remaining pieces to finish off the set.  It will never be worth all that much in monetary terms, but this collection of cream-coloured dinnerware with the yellow and pink orchids means a lot to me.

5.  I like the bushland out here in the foothills of the ranges.  There's something about the lemony smell of the gums when they're in flower, the changing character of the bush as the 'dry' season fades and the 'wet' begins, the sight of wallabies munching of the grass, the kookaburras sitting in the trees, the song of the sunbird and the unexpected sight of beautiful wildlife that has strayed far from home.  All this brings solace to my soul.

6.  I like coming home to my home after a hard day's work.  I like opening up the house, turning on the lamps inside and lighting the candles outside.  There really is no place like home.

7.  I like my verandah. It's the perfect spot to sit with a great book and a cuppa ... or to spend time with friends and family over a glass of wine ... or to just lay back on the squatter's chair and snooze while the rain gently beats on the corrugated iron roof.  It's almost heavenly!

8.   I like movies.  I've been a bit of a movie buff over the years and I've seen so many movies.  I have some favourite actors and I would just never miss a movie they star in ... actors such as Meryl Streep, John Cusack and Emma Thompson.  Put their name on the movie ad and I'm there!!

By the way ... didn't you just LOVE that potager in Meryl's movie "It's Complicated".  To die for!

Oh, yes ... the old poster of "East of Eden" is there for a reason.  That was the first movie I ever saw when I was a young teenager ... and I still remember every little bit of that classic. 

9.  I like strolling through Botanic Gardens and Parks.  OK ... so I'm back to a sort-of-gardening-related choice!  Looks like I just can't stray too far from my passion.  One of my favourite parks is the Roma Street Parklands in our capital city here in Queensland.  I visit Brisbane quite a bit ... to see my children and grandchildren ... and whenever possible I visit this fabulous Parkland area.  If anyone is coming Downunder, it's a must see when you get to Brisbane.

10.  I like having family photos all over the house ... I'm actually running out of places for them.  This is what makes my home a home for me ... being surrounded by loved ones who are gone and loved ones still here.  It's comforting being surrounded by one's own history ... at least I find it so.

Well ... there you have it ... ten things I like.  Now it's my turn to invite ten people to post about 'Ten Things I Like' ... please don't feel obliged to do this, only join in if you wish.

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Just a little extra:  It was a question from Pondside that made me realise I have used a term that not everyone would be familiar with ... squatter's chair.  So just to clear it up, here's a shot of my classic and distinctive piece of Australian furniture made of wood and canvas  ... often found in old Queenslander homes like mine. (It needs a bit of a polish!!)


  1. Bernie, love your post. We like many of the same things. I have one of Janice Joplin's first albums and I covered up the Pope's picture over my bed with one of James Dean after I saw East of Eden.


  2. Oh Eileen ... I love it. Jimmy Dean over the Pope anyday. Was that Pope Paul VI or Pope John Paul? ... too far back for me to remember, lol! I never had a poster of James Dean but I had a little fan postcard that used to live under my pillow!!! Oh dear ... giving away too many secrets!

  3. O.K., my dear friend and lover of photography and flowers....I am going to give this thing a may take all week, but I am determined to do it. Remember the old rhyme:
    Patience is a virtue
    Possess it if you can.
    Seldom found in a woman
    Never found in a man.

    I definitely have my homework cut out for me this week. Keep your fingers crossed. Am off to put on my “thinking cap” and get to work on this assignment.

    Love you.....Genie

  4. Bernie: I really enjoyed your list. I find it so facinating to learn what kind of things make people happy. Yours were wonderful. Thanks so much for participating.

  5. Oh, those records bring back some memories! I like your verandah too. What a wonderful place! Any John Cusack movie is a great movie, have to agree with you on that one. Funny...I notice beautiful garden scenes, specimen trees, etc., when watching a movie too. I do think I love your 10 Things more than any I've read so far. You have wonderful "things" in your life!

    Thanks for the invite to the Blogger's Game. I've been wanting to play! Now to limit my likes to ten....

  6. Great post Bernie. I had to smile. I love the photos and old LPs too. My son used to bring mates home to play them my "classic vinyl" collection when he was a teenager.

  7. Dear Bernie - just popped by to see what you've got growing only to find magnificent mosaics of your 10 likes.

    What an extraordinary and eclectic collection - music, old photos and that gorgeous wood furniture. Loved the bush wildlife mosaic and so glad I don't have your verandah because I would never move from there to do much else.

    Thanks for the invite - off to start my own collection

    Laura x

    p.s. Like the way you've organised your blog pages into seasons and memes :)

  8. I really enjoyed that post - but wonder, what is a squatter's chair?...and how did it get its name?

  9. I really enjoyed your post! You hit upon so many fun things! The old turntables and albums, the movies, loved James Dean! Great post and a great collection!

  10. That's quite a list. Personally I love you kitchen and you verandah!! Wow, that covered porch is wonderful!!

  11. Amazing mosaics! That park would be my favorite too. I just bought some old photos at a sale last weekend, I have a few of our own family but these were so charming I had to have them even if I didn't know the people.

  12. Dear Genie ... I'll be waiting patiently, lol! I'm sure it will be fun ... it's easy once you get going ... so, my sweet, get to it! He, he.

    Valerie ... it's always interesting to find out the non-gardening side of our blogging friends isn't it?

    Floridagirl ... I can't wait to see what you come up with. It's a great game to play ... a lot of fun trying to figure out exactly what you really, really like!

    Missy ... my boys did the same thing! Isn't it strange how something you never expected to be 'classic' turns out that way!

    Laura ... I'm looking forward to your list as well. I'm a nosey one aren't I? Well ... I think it's nice to find out something a little different about the people we talk gardening with.

  13. Lovely blog Bernie ~ I love the Australian Silky wood your home is beautiful. I find the old photographs fascinating. I also agree Emma Thompson is a great actress.
    Thank you for your encouragement to join Mosaic Monday and your challenge now I have to go and sit in a dark corner and think.... I can do this..I can......
    Lol! Sue :0)

  14. Pondside ... thanks for visiting. I've added a photo of the squatter's chair. It's a bit of a unique piece of Aussie furniture.

    Dishesdone ... glad you enjoyed it!

    Shirley ... the verandah is definitely a favourite of mine. Thanks you for visiting and leaving your comment.

    Shannon ... it's nice to know there's someone else who find the old black and white photos interesting. I'm not sure what to do with mine yet ... I'll have to think of a way to display them one day.

    Sue ... the silky oak furniture just fits the house perfectly. I'll be looking out for you list now ... it will be fun to find out what you like other than gardening, of course!

  15. Wow. What a lot of nice collages. Loved the first one and then it just went on and on ... :D Thanks! (came by way of Mosaic Monday)

  16. 10 mosaics.
    You do collect, don't you?
    Nice way to present the 10 things about you.
    I love the porches you show. We don't have those in the UK, and I miss them.

  17. Love that you shared so much about you here. I feel as if I know you so much better. The squatter's chair is very distinctive...what is the purpose for the extensions? I love how you describe the countryside around your home and I love the peeks into your home. You did pretty good not discussing flowers, but who can help it if her favorite china is "orchid" china? :D

  18. This I love. Great work Bernie, you really have been busy, if I were you I would sit down in that lovely chair on the porch/ Tyra

    Fragrant and Tasty in Tyra’s Garden

  19. I love coming home to your house cosy n comfortable and your verandah....something to die for! Your orchid china! The movies...some of the things I love too! Great post!

  20. My husband and I have done a lot of genealogical research into both of our families over the years, and nothing frustrates me more than an old family photograph, without even as much as a simple notation on the back as to who is in the picture. I do want to know about the people, the uniforms, and their life stories.

    I love your Silky Oak furniture, I don't think I've ever seen it before, but I agree, the color of the wood just superb, and the styling is beautiful too.


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