Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flower Flaunt on Friday - mid-Spring Downunder.

The weather has definitely turned the corner and the patterns are becoming very 'summery' ... our mid-Spring days are once again clear, bright, sunny, hot and humid. 

Gardening time is now reduced to an hour of watering in the morning or evening.  Quite a few of my potted plants are coming to the end of their time, so there's not as much colour out in the Courtyard Garden any more.  They have not flourished as well as last year, possibly due to the overcast, showery days we experiences throughout the Autumn to early Spring. The outdoor garden beds are drying up quickly ... and with the ongoing watering restrictions there's not a whole lot I can do about it.  Thankfully the plants out there are survivors.

Anyway, right now the Lilies, the potted Salvias and Angelonias are powering on and still showing their lovely blooms.  They don't mind the intense sunlight, the heat and the humidity ... and they survive on the occasional watering.

Hemerocallis 'Sabine Baur'

 Oriental Lily - unknown variety
Angelonia serena

Salvia guarantica 'Black and Blue'

Salvia splendens

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  1. Bernie, the flowers in this post are absolutely the best! I love the lily with the splotching, how eye-catching; the daylily with the extra dark eye and the angelonia and salvias, so pretty. This weekend we are in the process of putting the garden 'to bed' for the winter and I'm feeling melancholy about pulling everything up, so your pictures just made my night for they are so fresh and gorgeous!

  2. Wow, that oriental lily is something else, and I love the blue Salvia.


  3. Pretty Lilies and Salvia. Salvia is tough and survives in my garden with very little care. I love those sort of plants.

  4. Bernie, your Black and Blue looks great. I tried growing it here as an annual but it never really took off. I ccan't believe how hot you are getting already. We are 44 degrees F here this morning, already have had almost freezing temperatures.


  5. That salvia Black and Blue is one of my favorites, and you've captured its special intensity. It's a tender perennial up here, so I have to bring it in over winter or buy new ones each year. Enjoy your hot summer as we slide into cold days and nights.

  6. Lovely blooms Bernie! I cannot get over that our seasons are opposite. One of the things I love about blogging. I like the music too. Have a lovely Sunday! ;>)

  7. Your lilies are just beautiful, Bernie. So are your salvia. Happy Spring/Summer to you and all in the southern hemisphere - we are getting close to winter here. :-( I look forward to continuing to watch your garden as our weather becomes colder and the scenes brown and white.

  8. Black and blue salvia is one of my favorites - but all of these blooms are lovely!


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