Friday, July 16, 2010

Flower Flaunt on Friday - mid-Winter in Oz

 It's a glorious mid-Winter's day in my north-east corner of Downunder ... it's what I call a 'blue sky, blues goodbye!' day.  The sky is clear, no clouds at all today as far as the eye can see ... and the sun is shining warmly ... the cool 15 deg C start this morning quickly turned into a lovely 24 deg C day! 

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My poor garden has not had much attention from me lately ... still in recovery mode ... but today I got out there just to take some shots of a few of the lovely flowers smiling at me today.

I was so pleased to see my neighbour's Tabebuia pallida covered in blooms.  It stretches over into my yard and is visible from our Courtyard Garden ... such a gorgeous sight as I wandered out there this morning.

The Tabebuia impetiginosa that's growing in our Driveway Garden bed is still blooming ...

and leaving a carpet of beautiful pink trumpet-shaped flowers all over the leaf litter around the tree.

Back to the Courtyard Garden ... there are many plants beginning to flower now.

It's lovely to see the Kalanchoe blossfeldianas in bloom again.

There's also different Petunias, Violas and Pansies flowering ....  although it appears that in my abscence some greedy little caterpillars have been hard at work munching away at most of my violas and pansies.  You just can't turn your back away for a minuter out there!!!

I'm loving the double purple and white Petunias this year.

Gazania, Osteospurmum and Gerbera are in bloom.

To finish off, there's my new 'Hot Pink' Pelargonium, Pentas, Turnea ulmifolia and Bracteanthas.


  1. Hi Bernie,
    I hope you are feeling better, you have some wonderful flowers here I love your purple and white petunias they are such a lovely combination.

    You blue sky is stunning, don’t know what’s going on with our weather we have just had 3 days of heavy rain and high winds my poor garden has had quite a battering. Although the sun is trying to shine now.

    Still no baby but today is due day.

  2. Hi Sue ... getting better thanks! Hate getting older ... maintenance required!!!
    Yes I love the purple and white ... of course as they are my fav. colours in the garden.

    We've had lots of blue-sky days lately ... always a great sight. Your weather sounds like the unusual Autumn weather we had not long ago ... hope there's not much damage to your garden!

    Obviously, that baby is not quite ready to greet the world yet! All in good time ... can't wait for the photos!

  3. Hi Bernie
    lovely post - I love the wider environment juxtaposed with the courtyard. And I am so impressed the way you always know and use the correct names of plants. My favourite is one that I have had in my garden - Brancteanthas.
    Hope the maintenance went OK - we have to keep ourselves in as good condition as possible to feed our garden habits!
    cheers, catmint

  4. Thanks so much, Aaron.

    Catmint ... I had a lovely chuckle over the last part of your comment! Yes, what would our gardens do without us? I've been away from mine for around three weeks now ... and I'm SO cranky about it!!!! Hubbie's been good ... but I'm sure my plants are missing me! As for knowing the names ... I've been learning all about my plants ever since I first joined the gardening website community ... and I've learned a lot! If you had asked me just over two years ago, I would have known very, very few botanic names!

  5. If this is a mid-winter's day, then you have penned it exactly right... glorious! We are mid-summer here. hot... hot... HOT!

  6. Gorgeous flowers for winter time. I guess it is permanently spring up there.
    I can't believe you can get pansies to grow in the heat, very clever.

  7. You have some beautiful color in your gardens.

  8. Thank you for sharing your garden with us! What a treat to 'visit' Australia for a moment. Thanks also for the comment on my blog, Mamsie's House and the help with the name of one of my plants...Calibrachoa/Million Bells. I hope to see more of your garden as the seasons change opposite us in the US.

  9. So many beautiful flowers! I liked the double purple and white petunias too.

  10. I loved the photo of the carpet of flowers! I have a couple of flower bushes that i enjoy, for just that reason!

    I definitely need to look into double petunias; they are lovely!

  11. I'm always amazed at how beautiful your winter is. Such a gorgeous garden. Winter here is much more drab, and brown. I really love your Tabebuia and the beautiful litter it leaves on the ground.

  12. Let's see 24 Celsius x 9 = 216 Divide by 5 = 43 then add 32 = 75 Fahrenheit. OK I get it now. Beautiful blue sky and flowers. Enjoy the cool weather.

  13. Hi Bernie. Your garden plantings look so pretty. I love the variegation on the leaves of your geranium. So pretty.

  14. What a gorgeous display! Flaunting your flowers AND your clear blue skies! I'm still waiting for the sun. Maybe August ...

  15. Bernie, Thanks for stopping by! Love the "carpet" of blooms. I never thought of the spent blooms that way...being pretty...but they sure are. The pink blooms on your tree and your neighbors are gorgeous too. I love coming to your blog to see many different plants than what we can grow here. You have a lovely garden. Beautiful bird in the previous post, too!

  16. oh I have to laugh at your mid-winter temperatures, its high summer here and we're colder than that!!

  17. Hi again Bernie... just wanted to congratulate you on how nice your flowers look! Larry


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