Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wildlife on Wednesday ... Dragonflies.

I shall start by stating very clearly that I know absolutely nothing about dragonflies ... except that we see quite a few of them around the property.  I have no idea about the names, be it scientific or common, for these stunning creatures ... so there will be no interesting information to share ... just photos.

Of all the dragonflies we do see around here, there is one type that always catches my attention.  It's hard to take your eyes off it ... it's metallic body just glistens in the sunshine!

Now for some other varieties that I also do not know the name of:

 If anyone can enlighten me about names for these lovelies, I would love to hear from you.


  1. Bernie, I do not know the technical names but the only one I have ever seen is the metallic one.

    Dragonflies date back to prehistoric times,flying around with the dinosaurs. Your photos are good enough for a science book!


  2. Bernie what wonderful shots. I do knot know how you get them. They never set still long enough for me. Or maybe I am just too slow LOL! There are so many beautiful ones around in an array of colors in your garden.

  3. Fabulous photographs Bernie. Wow. I can't take my eyes of that first photograph...the intricate pattern in the wings is absolutely mesmerizing!

  4. Eileen ... you're always so gracious with your comments, but I'm not sure my camera gets good enough shots for a science book these days!!!

    The metallic dragonfly is a fairly common sight around here too ... so it sounds like it might be a common dragonfly around the world.

  5. G'day HHG ... believe me I take plenty of photos that are deleted! Occasionally I get lucky ... the dragonflies are really hard to me to capture too!!

  6. Thanks Alice and Curbstone ... I couldn't believe it when I first downloaded that top shot, Curbstone! I did exactly what you did ... I enlarged it and stared at it for ages! Nature is amazing!

  7. Beautiful photos ! gorgeous flowers , I love dragonflys too ! Thanks much, Gina


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