Friday, June 25, 2010

Flower Flaunt on Friday - Bonny Balsam.

I'm joining in Tootsie's Flower Flaunt today with a flaunt that has a theme.  I've had a wonderful relationship with these beautiful flowers ever since I was a beginner gardener.  Balsam - that's the common name we use for Impatiens - was among my choices when I decided to have potted plants in my first flat.  I've had varieties of them ever since.  I just love the way the petals seem to shimmer and shine in the sunlight.

So here's a look at some of the Impatiens blooming in my garden today in the early Winter.

Impatiens balsamina.

Impatiens walleriana.

Impatiens walleriana hybrid.

Impatiens walleriana double.

New Guinea Impatiens.

New Guinea Impatiens with variegated leaves.

The hanging pots of Impatiens in my Greenhouse/Shadehouse Garden had a haircut just recently and are coming back well.
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  1. You have some gorgeous specimens here Bernie I particularly like the first one.

  2. beautiful display of flowers. The mix of red and white is artistic... ~bangchik

  3. The red and white spotted impatiens really float my boat! :D

  4. Impatiens are one of my favorites, too. They are the most carefree plant I have, reseeding every year and growing well in containers, too. This summer I even have some growing in the crevices of my brick steps!

  5. I have many impatiens in my garden also Bernie. They are a favorite and very rarely let me down as far a blooming until they are over a foot tall.


  6. Wow, I never thought much of impatiens (too common) until I looked at your photos. The walleriana up close almost rival a rose's bloom! Love the red and white and the soft orange ones. You're making me a convert.

  7. Hi Bernie. Girl your impatiens and balsam are so pretty. I love the walleriana impatien. I got seeds for a similar red and white called Tutu but they did not germinate. They did not have the double bloom either. Yours is so much prettier.

  8. Hi Bernie, thank you for stopping by my blog today. It is a busy time in the garden lately as you know.

    I love your Impatiens. I have a few, two New Guinea with orange flowers like yours and then I have two new Sonic Sweet Orange, they have a varigated flower. Very pretty, but I am having some trouble with them rotting at the lower stem. What do you think it might be? I don't over water, but maybe not enough? They are in clay pots but the stems are not touching the edges so I don't think it is that. If you have time, stop by my blog again and leave me a note. I really enjoy your blog, you have many plants we can grow here in California.
    Thank you and have a wonderful weekend. Carla

  9. Bernie, the double purple variety is really lovely! I haven't thought about impatiens for quite some time...I think I should give them some consideration the next time I'm out in the garden centers!

  10. Bernie...your gardens are wonderful...the impatiens are just so vivid and healthy!!! I wish early winter in my garden looked like this!!

  11. Thank you so much for following my trip and commenting when I wasn't able to visit you. Your Impatiens are so varied and beautiful. I have a few volunteers in the garden but I must get some more.

  12. I love impatients, and yours are beautiful Bernie! Our first garden was dreadfully shady, but I was so excited when I realized that impatients would still bloom in my dreary garden. They were such a fabulous way to light up dark corners and bring lots of color into an otherwise monochromatically green mid-summer shade garden. As you show above, they do fantastically well in pots too. Definitely one of my favorites!

  13. My impatiens are just starting to flower here for the summer - no fancy types just a pink and a white one. I think yours are just fabulous Bernie - we sell New Guinea Hybrids here. I like them all - and they seem to grow to quite a decent size for you too.

    I used to grow Impatiens niamniamensis do you have that one Bernie? We call it the parrot impatien.

    Thanks again for the wildflower ID - it is an hypericum! :) Rosie

  14. I love the greenhouse/shadehouse! How lucky to have that to extend a season or two. Impatiens are annuals here on Long Island, but I put them in my house plant pots, like the Clivias, so that there is color in the house over the winter when I bring them inside. I did get a few New Guineas for color in the cement pots, and they do well. Check out the day lily growers for amazing blooms, which make mine only humble examples. I leave the exotic varieties to the experts, but I can admire their work.

  15. Hey you are on Tootsie's prompt site too. I have had a few entries there too. Coincidence!
    You take wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers.

  16. Yes the Impatians Walleriana double is fabulous ,just like a tight rose bud
    where can you get one ?

  17. Yes the Impatiens walleriana double mauve and hybrid red & white are absolutely fabulous ,just like a tight rose bud
    but I have found that it is impossible to get ,seed or plant ,any clues or hints


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