Monday, April 12, 2010

Mosaic Monday - Grandchildren At The Gardens

Having had time off from the blogging world to visit my grandchildren, I just had to create this mosaic upon my return. For other great Mosaic Monday posts, visit Mary at Little Red House.

My grandchildren have grown up so far in two rather soul-less suburban gardens ... you know the ones!  They're located in those brand new suburban housing developments.  The backyard is grass ... nothing else! ... and the front yard has the obligatory kidney-shaped garden bed that includes the mailbox and plants that some property developer managed to get a great deal on when they buy in bulk!

So, when Gardening Grammie makes a visit, she tries to make sure they get to visit a great garden.  This one is my favourite ... there's far too much to see all in one go with three grandchildren, so they get to see something new every time they visit this public Parkland.  They love it ... and so do I.  The pleasure in their eyes when they get to see, touch, smell and appreciate all the colours and textures is a delight to the soul.  This particular part of the Parklands is called the 'Spectacle Garden' and it is quite a spectacle in Autumn!
(Click on the mosaic to get an enlarged view).


  1. That is quite the garden, hope everyone had a wonderful time. Mosaic is great. Have a great day:)

  2. You are wise to introduce your grandchildren to gardening. Both my mom and grandma are avid gardeners and I'm thankful to them to for fostering in me a love of working in the garden - it brings unending satisfaction on so many levels!

  3. Beautiful garden, nice to see too as our flowers are starting to go and hide now its cooling down so fast. Beautiful autumn colours coming though, we have lots of maple trees!

  4. Hi Bernie,Lovely mosaic. Looks like you had a great time with the grandchildren. Lovely collection of flowers. I love the sail sculpture in the garden to.
    I know what you mean about soul-less gardens in suburban housing developments we have a few close by, no imagination at all. I would love to be let loose on a few of them!

  5. What a wonderful idea Grammie. It looks to be a beautiful park and they look very happy to be visiting it.

  6. It's wonderful that you're teaching your grandchildren that there's so much more to gardens than turf-grass.

    By the way, we’ve bestowed the ‘Honest Scrap’ award on you. I know some bloggers don’t accept awards (I usually don’t), but at the very least I wanted you to know that we love reading Bush Bernie's Garden Blog! Don't suppose you could spare a Wallaby or two?

  7. Hi Bernie,

    What beautiful gardens...I know the kids absolutely it. ♥

    I'm visiting for Mosaic Monday...hope you are having a wonderful day.

    Drop by when you have a moment...

    Stephanie ♥

  8. Beautiful garden! Looks like a quilt! So many colors!!

  9. What beautiful gardens. I hope they appreciated you taking them there. I am called Grammie, too at least I will be when they can talk.

  10. Your grandchildren will remember these experiences even if they don't act like they will. You are a good grammie!


  11. You're a great grandma. What a gift to give them... the ability to see and enjoy the natural world!


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