Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finally able to get out into the courtyard garden!

After weeks of lovely showers and then a fortnight of torrential downpours, there was a break in the weather today!  ...  and I had an early wake-up call, so I decided to make the most of it.
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As there were no rainclouds looming this morning I made up my mind to do something about the courtyard garden ... it was a hot, humid and horrid morning but that still didn't stop me ... I was determined to do somsummer cleaning in at least one part of my garden!

My courtyard garden is at the rear of my house and is bordered at the back by a very large garden bed that screens off the driveway behind it ... and bordered on one side by the pond area under a huge pergola.  The house forms a U-shape around the courtyard ... so the whole area is rather sheltered from the high winds we get here and is shaded by some very large corymbias and gums.  It's a real haven ... and usually looks great!

Here's a view of it in early December ... all set up for an early Xmas party.

Over the last year I've slowly been filling it up with lots and lots of potted plants ... trying to add some much needed colour to balance all the surrounding green!
But of course the summer heat, the humidity and then the torrential rain wrecks havoc with the poor potted plants.   While I so look forward to the rain during our 'wet' season, the heavy downpours have a huge impact on many of my drought tolerant plants!

On top of all that the grasshoppers moved in and had a banquet and there was an infestation of those dreaded mealy bugs. I lost quite a few plants ... my pelargoniums x domesticum, my salvias, the last of my petunias, my calibrachoas, my beautiful lavender!  ... and the most heartbreaking of all ... I lost this fabulous coleus!  I just couldn't look out at the courtyard without feeling rather down.

So, this morning out I went ... threw out all the dead plants ... re-potted some rather sick looking plants, potted up a couple of new plants that I'd grown from cuttings.  Then I started moving things around ... a few plants were definitely in the wrong places and suffering from over-exposure to the full sun or from too much shade.  It's looking so much brighter and happier!

Here are some of the survivors ...
... and very soon it will be time to pot up all the lovely annuals for their autumn - spring show!  Just can't wait.


  1. It's amazing what the heat, humidity and insects of summer will do to a garden lol. My problem is always the japanese beetles that move in around June, and don't leave till it gets cold. They just seem to eat all my foliage away. That was a beautiful coleus, I'm sorry you lost it :(

  2. It amazed me just how close the plants you have to what I have here in Malaysia. I love the greens.
    BTW, please support me in the Dare to Fail contest. Come and leave a comment at Tell me how to make Hydrangea blooms. Thanks a million.

  3. G'day Kyna ... it's not the easiest place to garden here in the north-east ... the conditions are a bit harsh and the insect life is prolific!

    At the moment we inundated with grasshoppers, Christmas beetle, rhinoceros beetles and cicadas!

  4. Hi Blossom ... yes it seems we do grow many plants that are the same ... our climate and growing conditions of course would be so similar.

  5. I love your container garden. Sorry you lost plants to insects and weather. It always makes you feel bad when a plant dies. Seeing your lovely space makes me want to work on different areas around here. Thanks for the inspiration.



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