Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Flower Flaunt ... Nearly The End of Our First Month Of Spring

Where did that first month of Spring go?   It just seems to have hurtled past and it's primarily been about fighting battles in an effort to win the war against the loss of many of my plants.  There have been battles with sneaky, hungry Agile Wallabies, which suddenly seem to want to eat everything in my garden.  This has never really been a problem before, in all the years we've lived here.  I've also been hand watering every day out in the shadehouse and courtyard, sometimes twice a day, in an effort to help some of the poor thirsty plants get through this dry season that's been characterized by endless windy days.

The garden areas around the property are not much to look at right now.  There's far too many sad and sorry looking plants and not many flowers to be seen outside the shadehouse or courtyard.   There are however, still some Hibiscus rosa-sinensis blooms way up high where the wallabies haven't yet been able to reach.

Of course there are no leaves left on the bottom half of most Hibiscus shrubs at the moment.  I have visions of them dragging in trampolines to help them jump higher in order to reach more leaves.  But let's focus on the flowers instead.

The pots of Gazanias are sitting up on the table out in the courtyard now, along with quite a few other potted palnts, to keep them safe from nibbling wallabies.

The Bonanza Petunias had to be cut back as they were getting far too leggy.  So they're not looking their best either at the moment.

My Bumble Bee Petunias are the saving grace out of all the potted plants in the courtyard right now.  Along with those gorgeous Vanilla Marigolds.

Although there have been a couple of interlopers pop up in amongst those Vanilla Marigolds!!!

The Torenias are retuning slowly after being nibbled to stubs by the aforementioned eating machines.

Thankfully the wallabies don't seem to have acquired a taste for Snapdragons  ....   yet!

A few blooms have re-appeared on the Tabernaemontana out in the courtyard as to help cheer me up ...

... and look, finally a flower spike on my Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Blue'!  That was a lovely surprise this week.

The sweet flowers of the Streptocarpus caulescens are another little delight that can be found out in the munched and mangled mess that is the Courtyard Garden at the moment.

This tuberous Begonia under the pergola is showing its first every little pink flowers.

So is this Cane Begonia out in the Shadehouse Garden.

Out in the tiered garden beds, the Euphorbia pulcherrima and the Salvia splendens are both coming to the end of their flowering ...

... but the Ozthamnus diosmifolius is putting on its best display.

Out in the Shadehouse Garden, my ever reliable Impatiens wallerianas just keeps on keeping on.  Thank goodness the wallabies haven't found a way into the shadehouse as yet.  I don't think they've worked out how to lift the latch on the doors!  But give them time and you never know.

I'm off on a weekend break with my darling better half, to celebrate 33 years of wedded bliss ... that's right isn't it darling?!! ... and then I'm heading off to spend a week with my darling grandchildren ... oh and my eldest son and my daughter-in-law.   They're always complaining I only ever come to see the grandchildren.  I'm hoping while I'm away that the wallabies don't learn how to take pots off the table or decide that absolutely everything they haven't tried yet is now worth a little taste test. 

For fabulous Fertilizer Friday / Flaunt Your Flowers posts, go on over and visit Tootsie.  You'll enjoy a look at what's flowering from gardens all around the world.


  1. Dear Bernie ~ Your blooms are always such a joy to see. Your Bonanza and Bumble Bee petunias are wonderful! Love your Torenias too. You have such a wonderful variety and everything looks so lush even with all the hassles of critters, droughts, terrible storms, etc. I'm always blessed and inspired visiting you.


  2. Such beautiful blooms! I especially love seeing your poinsettias in the garden - they look so natural and pretty in that setting. Happy anniversary! I hope you have at least another 33 years of wedded bliss together.

  3. You have some fantastic colour those Gazania's are fabulous so is the begonia under the pergola... stunning.

    Have a wonderful weekend away and congratulations on your 33rd Wedding Anniversary amethyst I'm told!

  4. Gosh that bumblebee petunia is stunning, and your begonias always make me green with envy. No wonder the wallabies are attracted to your garden you have so much yummy stuff there :) Happy anniversary and have fun with the family.

  5. Love the double petunia and wowzer on that begonia with the pink in the leaves!! Happy Anniversary, enjoy time with your family.

  6. Congratulations on your 33rd! We just celebrated ours earlier this month. I was giggling reading about your wallabies getting trampolines to further their efforts at garden destruction. I know it's not a funny problem, but it was certainly a funny thought! Sometimes we have to laugh or we'll cry, right? Your garden is beautiful, and let's hope the wallabies don't learn how to pick locks.

  7. Love the leaves on that tuberous Begonia. Gorgeous!

  8. Well despite the wallabys (I thought we had it bad with voles!) you have some gorgeous flowers in bloom! Do you think the wallabys are a problem this year because they've been displaced by recent storms or fires?

  9. Yes, September is flying by isn't it. Sorry you're having battles in the garden, but your photos look great. Happy anniversary, enjoy the coming week!

  10. Your flowers always amaze me, they are all just gorgeous. You really must have a green thumb. Lovely photos.


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