Friday, August 13, 2010

Flower Flaunt on Friday - end-of-Winter ... and another Skywatch Friday!

Today the conditions here have reverted to the usual, familiar Winter weather.  It's a bright, clear, blue-sky day.  (Thought I'd take the photo looking from the bushland towards the house for a change!)

Clear blue sky wherever you look ...
 ... not a cloud to be seen!

Although we had a rather crisp, cool 7 deg C (44 deg F) start to the day ... which is a little unusual ... it has quickly warmed up to a lovely cool 20 deg C (68 deg F).

Focusing on the garden area in front of the house, there's a lot of red to be seen ... rather a lovely contrast to all that blue!!! ... and there's a touch of pink as well.
This is my oldest Hibiscus shrub ... it must be around 15 to 20 years old now.  It was here when we first moved in ... a lot smaller, of course ... and has weathered so many years of drought, heat, flooding rain, humidity and baking sunshine.  It is the old-fashioned red Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ... no varietal name ... and has flowered almost non-stop all that time.  Here it is ... in all it's glory in front of my house.
Behind this rather large Hibiscus are another two Hibiscus shrubs ... my Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Snowflake' and 'Roseflake'.  Right now it's the 'Snowflake' that's in bloom.

Snuggled in between all the Hibiscus shrubs is my faithful little Winter bloomer ... a dwarf Azalea.

Popping up in between the tall Hibiscus is Russelia equisetiformis, commonly known as the Firecracker Plant.  It's thrown up long arching stems that sometimes appear in between the branches of the Hibiscus.

Snuggled way back in the rear of this garden bed, where it's hard to spot, is a lovely little pink Ixora ... Ixora 'Raywards Pink'.

Moving away from this front garden bed ... over to the stairway landing at the side of the house ... there's
some wonderful little Celosia plumosa showing their plumes.

To finish off with a splash of yellow now ... on the stairway landing there's also some lovely Gazanias showing their bright cheery faces.

I'm joining in the Flaunt Your Flowers/Fertiliser Friday meme and Skywatch Friday meme ...  so please pop on on over to visit:


  1. Beautiful flowers! The hibiscus is really stunning! Love the azaleas too. The gazanias is something I've never seen, and it's beautiful!

  2. Beautiful blue skies. And what a huge hibiscus bush. Beautiful blooms.

  3. Just gorgeous!! I love that old Hibiscus!! To have cooler temps here would be so nice..

  4. 7 degrees in Townsville?
    surely your cohabitants would be complaining of frostbite at that temperature?

  5. Wow, such beautiful shots... again. You really do take lovely photos. I love your 15-20 year old hibiscus. It's gorgeous. 68 degree, hmmm? It's going to be 93 degrees here today with a horrible amount of humidity and overcast skies. I may be a little jealous, Bernie. That and you can have winter blooms. But I do love the snow. :-)

    I hope you do have a lovely weekend,

  6. J Bar ... the bush is a great subject! I never tire of the photos I take of the bushland.

    Aaron ... thanks for your great comments. Gazanias are a terrific plant for hot, dry areas ... they just thrive in those conditions, so my garden is perfect most of the time!! They just don't like the 'wet'.

    Thanks Crafty Gardener and Darla ... that Hibiscus always looks pretty good for an old girl!

    Al ... lol, yes it doesn't drop below 10 deg C very often here in the Winter. Luckily the 7 deg was in the early hours of the morning and the didn't last too long!

    Susan ... thank you for your lovely kind comments. We are very lucky with our Winter temps here ... not so lucky in the Summer though. We regularly get temps like 93F then ... and the ghastly humidity as well. No place is perfect I guess.

  7. Bernie, all of your flowers look beautiful. I can't believe the size of that Hibiscus!


  8. Bernie, I'm in love with your hibiscus! I have one similar that is also my largest and hardiest. It's survived 4 hurricanes and was the first plant I purchased (and planted) when I relocated to Florida.
    Your Gazania and firecracker plant are awesome, too! Pretty blooms today!
    I think I'll add my post to the Friday Flowers meme too!

  9. Beautiful shots of your garden and all the brilliant tropicals. I love your huge red hibiscus!

  10. That is a clear sky. I bet your place is great for star watching during your Winter season being away from the city lights.

  11. Hi Bernie, I so love that second photo of the colorful leaves against the blue sky. I love to sew and would love to find fabric like this!

    Thanks for the reminder to fertilize! I still have tomatoes producing and I think they could use a boost right now.

  12. Hi Bernie. What beautiful blooms for the end of winter.It is wonderful that you have something in bloom all of the time. Your hibiscus are just beautiful!
    The azalea blooms are marked so pretty. No wonder it is a favorite of yours.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Those are beautiful images of the flowers in your garden especially those Gazanias.

  14. Hi Bernie, happy Saturday morning. What a lovely backyard, temperature and calm music in your blog, inspiring. I love your white gums as very well displayed in the header of your other site. thanks.

  15. Eileen ... this is definitely the time of year here for lots of flowers ... I love this time of year!!!

    Hi Kimberly ... the old and original red Hibiscus is just such a great survivor here and looks great all year round ... can't really ask for more from the old girl, lol!!! I can imagine it would be great choice for Florida as well. Thanks for your kind comments once again!

    Floridagirl ... always appreciate your comments, so thank you.

  16. Sanddune ... yes you're so right, the night sky here on any clear night throughout the year is an amazing sight! I wish I had a camera that could take photos of it ... we spend a lot of time sitting out just looking at the stars!

    Carla ... I often take photos like that one - the red leaves against the blue sky - but don't post them, thinking no one else would see much in them. So thanks for your comment about it.

    Lona ... the Azalea always amazes me at just how it survives here, so it's a definite favourite for me! I am lucky that there's always something in bloom at any time of year ... but the Autumn/Winter is the best time.

    Solitude Rising ... nice to see you dropping by! The Gazanias are gorgeous ... and there's so many lovely new colours. I do tend to stick to the bright sunny yellows and the lovely creams though.

    Andrea ... it is indeed a beautiful Saturday morning here ... I'm about to head out into the garden! So glad you enjoyed your visit ... and yes, I have to agree with you ... those Gums are stunning. I'm so lucky to be able to see them every day.

  17. Hi Bernie, Your hibiscus are a wonderful shade of red. Love that shade and against the blue sky, what a combination.

  18. Bernie: I love your big hibiscus bush, make such a beautiful statement! I love love your roseflake and snowflake hibiscus, the foliage itself add lots of texture into the garden.

  19. Lovely flowers in your landscaping designs. So pretty. And I must say, I'm drooling a bit over your delightful temperatures. We're in the high 90s and rather humid, though we did enjoy a lovely summer rain earlier today. :)

  20. Your end of season blooms and winter sky are gorgeous. I love that little dwarf pink azalea, so sweet, competing with the big hibiscus and firecracker reds and deep pinks all around.

  21. lovely shot of your house which seems to nestle in with its surroundings so well...

  22. Bernie I've eventually got over here - firstly thankyou ever so much for your support on my photoblog and I hope you enjoy the desktops - I never even thought of doing that myself.

    Your cool temps are still beating our summer ones here but I would have loved some clear skies this week - we never managed to see any stars never mind the meteror showers as its been so cloudy at night aswell as by day.

    I never thought a little azalea would be flowering at this time of year but I suppose its quite at home underneath that beautiful hibiscus - I'm sure it must look fantastic in reality set against that beautiful clear blue sky.

    I like that lovely pinkish foliage behind the Ixora aswell.

  23. Such a treat to visit your garden Bernie and see your lovely exotic flowers some like the hibiscus I have grown only as a small pathetic pot plant.

    I have not been doing much garden blogging of late rather busy with my Looking at Lyme blog. I see Australia has had it's fair share of publicity recently over denying the existence of lyme Disease welcome to the mad bad world of Lyme.

  24. Love your pink Ixora! I've never seen that blossom before. So beautiful. And thanks for your sweet comment on my HI HO! post.

  25. This is exactly what I love about the Internet and blogging. I can enjoy flowers, and blooming shrubs a world away. Most of the plants that you have photographed are entirely new to me. Thanks for the wonderful and colorful post.

  26. Beautiful photographs of your gorgeous flowers in bloom! In addition, the trees that have silver-white trunks and branches are really stunning against the blue sky, your home, and the rest of the plants.
    Great idea to combine the two memes.


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