Friday, March 5, 2010

Around My Garden After The Summer of 2009/2010.

This is my first attempt at making a video ... I can hear groaning!!  It's not that bad!  (I hope!)  so stay right where you are!  Don't move!

The video shows my Courtyard Garden ... which is down these steps ...

...and the Greenhouse Garden ... which is under this shadecloth flanked on one side by a rock wall and on the other by the house.

Just to set the scene:   Summer is now over here in north-eastern Oz.  Summer is very, very hard on the garden.  It begins with very long, very hot and steamy days ...

and then the 'wet' begins with lots of torrential rain and overcast days which are still hot and humid!!
It takes some effort to get my garden through a Summer without too many disasters.

This is a 'warts and all' video ... at this time of year neither of the garden areas are at their best, but I don't believe in always showing picture-perfect ... not that I ever feel I achieve that!!!!!!!

So this is the state of my two favourite garden areas after the worst time of the north-eastern Australian gardening year - the horrid Summer - and just at the beginning of the best time for my garden - Autumn through to the end of Spring.

(Sorry ... I had to upload the video in three parts!)

(Another sorry .... where I say 'mussaenda' I really mean 'euphorbia'!  My brain went fuzzy for a moment!)

Around My Garden After Summer: Part 1 - The Courtyard Garden

Around My Garden After Summer: Part 2 - more of The Courtyard Garden

Around My Garden After Summer: Part 3 - The Greenhouse Garden


  1. Hello Bernie, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :-) I really enjoyed watching your videos, I love to see other people's gardens all around the world and your seems wonderfully exotic! It is beautiful.

  2. Thank you for showing us your gardens! They're like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon lol. Absolutely beautiful. And you have such a lovely voice :D I know you warned us about the thunder in the background, but i forgot, and I kept thinking my husband had come home from work for something, and his truck was rumbling in the driveway LOL.

  3. Bernie, it seems like your garden looks beautiful no matter what time of year.


  4. Wow, thanks for the tour! Your garden is beautiful, everything looks just fabulous. I noticed your lovely voice too, and thought for a moment the gecko in your video was at our place.

  5. I think your garden is fantastic, whatever the season:-)

  6. Thanks all for your lovely comments ... It's strange when you hear yourself in a video ... doesn't seem to sound like me at all ... but apparently, according to dear hubbie, it's me to a tee!!

    Had a laugh over the thunder ... sorry about that Kyna!

    Then I had to laugh about the gecko ... wasn't it loud Ms. Rabbit! I can imagine why you thought it was at your place!

  7. Hi Bernie - found your blog via a link on Artist Garden. Fascinating as I have relatives in Oz. Some in Corfs Harbour and some in Brisbane


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