Sunday, July 19, 2015

What's On Show This Weekend ... July 18-19, 2015 ... mid-Winter.

Well, old man Winter arrived in the tropics this past week.  He bought some seriously cold nights and early mornings, and some gorgeous sunrises.

Mid-week it was down to between 7 and 9 deg C  (44 - 48 F).  That is COLD for the tropics.  With very low humidity levels and dewpoints below 0, it was really, really, really cold.  Usually, our overnight winter temps don't get below 10 C.  The electric blanket had a workout, and the winter PJs and dressing gown and woolly socks all came out of the closet.  I even wore a jumper to work three mornings last week!!!!  Of course, it was off by mid-morning as the mercury rose to a more comfortable 22 - 24 C  (71 - 75 C).

Aside for the change in temps., the conditions have remained the same.  It's dry season and the skies are usually bright blue and fairly clear.  I spend quite a bit of time watering garden beds and potted plants these days.

This weekend as I strolled around moving sprinklers or watering with the hose, I spotted ...


Dragonwing Begonia

Impatiens walleriana

and this Anthurium in bloom out in my shadehouse garden.

Out on the courtyard garden there was




and Torenia on show.

In my new garden beds near the carshed,

Pelargoniums in pots are finally blooming.

Justicia brandegeana in the tiered garden beds is covered in bracts and blooms at the moment.  For some reason, the wallabies have not feasted on this shrub in ages and ages.  Hence all the blooms.  It's wonderful to see!

Elsewhere, there are flowerheads on  ...

the Bougainvillea,

the white Penta,

and the Polygala.

You definitely know winter has arrived in my tropical garden when you see flowers appearing on my white Bauhinia.  There are now quite a few buds all over the tree, so there will be lots of stark white blooms popping open for weeks to come.

I usually spot quite a few birds as I wander around the garden and this weekend has been no different.

This male Sunbird was enjoying the nectar of the newly opened Bauhinia blooms.

The Forest Kingfisher is always a delightful sight.

I spotted another Spangled Drongo with its fierce looking red eye.

This pair of  Pied Currawongs were just lazily flitting around from tree to tree, looking for something to eat I suspect.

I spent quite a while watching this little Willy Wagtail doing a jig around the yard this morning.  Such a mesmorizing performance! 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

What's On Show This Weekend ... July 11-12, 2015 ... mid-Winter.

The last week of the school holidays is over now, and work starts once more tomorrow.  It's amazing how quickly the time flies when you don't have to set the alarm for an early morning!

The weather has been simply glorious.  Whilst we call this time of the year 'winter', our northern tropical winters are very mild.  Our daytime temps. have mostly been around 25-26 deg C (77-79 F) and we've had day after day of bright blue sky days.

Some of the blooms out this weekend include:

'Bonanza' Petunias ... my favourites.

A rather unusual looking Begonia semperflorens flower.  It looks more like a daisy!

Eucharis amazonica.  I love the delicate sweet perfume of these flowers.

Clerodendrum ugandense or Blue Butterfly Bush.

Impatiens walleriana.

My favourite Impatiens walleriana - the double white.


Hibiscus rosa-sinensis.



Just as an aside:  when we rose this morning we spotted two rather unusual garden visitors.

A Wedge-tailed Eagle and a Whistling Kite were enjoying a breakfast feast in the side yard.

Monday, July 6, 2015

What's On Show This Weekend ... July 4-5, 2015 ... mid-Winter.

I've been so very slack in posting on either of my blogs this year, and the year is already half over!!!  It's getting harder and harder for me to find the time to devote to blogging, so I think I'll just try and add a quick post on the weekends as a way of tracking what's on show in the various corners of my garden.

So ... what's on show this weekend?

Eucharis ... I think it's Eucharis amazonica because of the size of the blooms.  The perfume however, is not all that strong.  I posted a photo of this on my Facebook page, and one of the comments drew my attention immediately.  Someone calls these 'tropical daffodils'.  It suits, doesn't it?

'Bonanza' Petunia.  I love the doubles!

It's Schlumbergera time here in the tropics.  Obviously it's our wintertime and that's when our Schlums bloom.  Our common name for them is Zygocactus.

My white Impatiens walleriana is looking fabulous right now.

There's some colour amongst the potted plants out in my courtyard garden.

In one of my new garden beds, the gorgeous Buttercup Yellow Gerbera shines.

Ixora and ...

... Crossandra look lovely at the moment.

It's also time for my Pelargoniums to shart putting on a show.  Only two survived the humidity of our summer this year.  I think the reason they survived was because our monsoonal wet season didn't arrive.  I have great difficulty getting these plants through our wet seasons.  As it was a no-show this year, I have two plants throwing out big flowerheads at the moment.  One benefit of the wet season no-show I guess.
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