Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Flower Flaunt ... On This First Friday of Autumn.

Yes Autumn has officially begun, but it would be hard to tell the difference between the end of Summer and the start of Autumn here.  Some nights have been slightly cooler, but that's about the extent of it.  There are no fabulous Autumn leaf displays around.  The landscape is filled with evergreens.

So it continues to be hot and humid most days, with little or no rainfall from week to week even though this is still wet season.  There is another tropical low forming out in the ocean to the east and it's expected to move closer and develop into a cyclone over the coming weekend.  It may bring some heavy downpours, but we'll see.

At the moment there are a few flower sprays to be seen around my place.

Streptocarpus caulescens and Aeschynanthus in the shadehouse.

Dianthera nodosa near the front verandah.

Double Gerberas outside the shadehouse.

The first flower sprays of the Acacia mangium are appearing.

The flower buds of the Ardisia elliptica are starting to appear once again in the tiered garden beds.

The Galphimia glauca out in one of the front-of-house garden beds has been blooming beautifully for ages now.

The Acalyphas growing in that same front-of-house bed are also in full bloom.

The pink Ixora is blooming in the other front-of-house garden bed

as is the Allamanda cathartica 'Sunee'.

The Koelreuteria formosana or Golden Rain Tree has started blooming.

So have the newly planted Hymenocallis.

The Gardenia 'Soleil d'or' are on show and the perfume is heavenly.

Both of the Pennisetum advenas 'Rubrum ', under the Poplar Gum, are in bloom.

The Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Roseflake' bushes

and the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Snowflake' bushes are always blooming.

The Turneras will only open once the sun starts shining.

The Durantas are all covered in flower sprays and orange berries at the moment.

There is a pot of Crossandra infundibuliformis blooming as you walk towards the pergola.

The Water Lilies are flowering in the pond under the pergola.

The potted Clerodendrum ugandense is still blooming out in the courtyard

and the Jasminum, that is once more starting to cover the pergola, is covered in flowers which fill the air with a lovely faint perfume.

I'm joining Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday / Flaunt Your Flowers


  1. Your garden is beautiful. I love the water lily. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks Gunilla. The Water Lilies have spread across the pond now and are looking really good.

  2. I love all of your blooms and thank you for posting them. I hope you get some rain, but no damaging winds from the cyclone.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

    1. Well the wind has whipped up a bit this morning, Lorraine. The low is expected to develop into a cyclone tomorrow so we'll see what is in store.

  3. Love the Hymenocallis! Hope you receive the rain you need. We are having a very wet week here, which is normal for March.

    1. Nell, we did have a shower of rain yesterday afternoon which was lovely but didn't last long. It's very windy today but no sign of any rain just yet. We're in wait-and-see mode once more.

  4. Bernie, it is so hard to relate to all of that green and beauty, can't believe it ever existed in our area. This has been the first day in months that it has broken the freezing level with some snow actually melting. I am hoping that my plants have survived.


    1. Well that's a little good news, Eileen, that some snow is melting. It's been such a long, long winter for so many of you in the northern hemisphere. I can imagine how worried you might be about the garden after such freezing temps. I do so hope you find most of your lovely plant have survived. I have to admit I do get a bit weary of all the green sometimes, but I know I should really appreciate it more.

  5. Lots of lovely evergreens, and so colourful. Your double gerberas are lovely, I haven’t seen them before, wonder if I can find them over here. I hope the cyclone won’t do any major damage to your garden, I suppose you could need some rain but a nice downpour for a day or two would probably have been better.
    Have a great week-end!

  6. Did you get the rain for the cyclone you didn't get? Lovely plants as usual.

  7. We have very similar plants in P.R., it's amazing.


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