Friday, November 1, 2013

It's Time For Another Friday Flower Flaunt.

Today is the first day of our last Spring month, and it's also the first day of our Tropical Cyclone Season.  Gosh, that seems to come around quickly!  We now spend six months waiting to see if anything develops and waiting to see where a tropical cyclone might possibly strike near us!  But that's part of our tropical lifestyle here in the north.  Fingers crossed it flies by without too much destruction.

Anyhoo ... I finally did get a shot of our recent visitors face.  As some might know, I had an interesting visitor drop by this week to spend time sitting in my water plant container. 

Yes, that's the face of that lovable Scrub Python that made itself at home for four days out in my courtyard.  It's gone now, probably had to go off searching for something tasty to eat.  Thank goodness, because I wasn't too keen on getting close in order to grab the hand held hose that I needed to water all my potted courtyard plants.  The poor things looked a little parched by the end of the week, but I've managed to give them a good long drink this morning.

There's actually not much blooming around here at the moment.  I've had a huge battle with mealy bugs in most of my potted plants in the courtyard over the last month or so, and I've now resorted to cutting everything back to bare bones. Elsewhere, the long dry season has taken its toll, and most plants are looking less than their best.

Thank goodness for the Hibiscus blooms that are always present around my place.  I appreciate them more when there's not much else to see.

Out in courtyard, the Petrea volubilis that drapes over the pergola is throwing out the last of its wonderful purple blooms.

Down the driveway, the Delonix regia has started blooming,

and in the tiered garden beds my Adenium obesum is showing off its gorgeous flowers as well.

There are also a few Planchonie careya or Cocky Apple blooms to be spotted either on the couple of small trees on my property, or on the trees growing in the surrounding bushland and neighbourhood.

I'm joining Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday / Flaunt Your Flowers


  1. Oh my gosh a python!!!!! That would have totally freaked me out.

    Beautiful flowers as always. Hope you get no cyclones. Our season for them is almost over.


    1. Lorraine, luckily the python moved on. I wasn't sure what I was going to do about trying to water the plants out in the courtyard as the snake was all curled up in a pot close to the tap. I have to say I wasn't too keen about getting close to it at all.

  2. My goodness, all the flowers you've shown here we have in P.R.. Pythons we don't have; but then again you're in Australia which is a continent. We are an island.

    1. Yes I think we'd have a lot of plants in common, Maria. Here the Delonix regias are about to light up the city. They will be blooming everywhere here for a couple of months now. They're such a common tree. As for the pythons, we do have some rather large snakes here and some rather venomous ones as well. It's just part of the lifestyle when you live in tropical Australia. That doesn't mean I ever get used to seeing them around though.

  3. Your blooms are so beautiful there and that Python looked very comfy in your garden. We only have little garden snakes here and they are not too common.

    1. Lee, we do get to see quite a few snakes around here. Some of them are not very nice, but thankfully we've managed to live quite well together in the same space without too many bad incidents.

  4. Gorgeous flowers! You got a very mice shot of the snake too.

    1. Gunilla, without the zoom on my camera I don't think there would be many shots of the snake at all.

  5. Hi Bernie...Glad to see your visitor has left! If he liked the pot...he should love your pond. Oh dear! Well dry or no dry your garden flowers are still beautiful. My Encore azaleas and the pineapple sage are still blooming in my yard. A welcome change for this time of year. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Jean, it's strange but I've never seen any snake hanging around the pond area at all. Of course, maybe I've just never been at home when they did visit. At the moment the pond is drained and waiting a good clean out. Maybe the python had been visiting the pond, and was forced to find another watery spot when it found the pond empty!

      How lovely that you still have so many beautiful Azaleas blooming, and of course the lovely Sage. What a treat.

    2. Bernie, that Python looks pretty scary! The seasons seems to go by so quickly, ours is fall right now and this year has been very colorful, not looking forward to winter.


  6. My goodness your flowers are special and delightful

  7. OMG that snake is scary!!!!
    thank you so much for linking in this weekend...I always love to find time to visit those who play along with my little party. It doesn't seem that I get around often enough...but I do try when I can! we got a HUGE dump of snow here yesterday and I am hating it already after the first few hours!!! I can't hardly wait for spring to come...It will be so nice to play outside again for a few months!
    Your post today is lovely...I wish I still had flowers outside!
    I shared this post on the Tootsie Time facebook page
    I hope you will link in again every week!

    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•



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