Friday, May 31, 2013

Flower Flaunt on this last Autumn Friday.

We've been seeing some magnificent sunrises over the last week from our verandah.  These last few days of Autumn have been simply wonderful, with very pleasant daytime temps. and some cooler nights.  

We've also had a few showers of rain during the week, with most of the light rain falling overnight.  It seems that our long dry season is not quite ready to begin yet, and Mother Nature has decided to bless our gardens with some lovely liquid sunshine.  We're not used to getting rain at the end of May, and certainly not in the last official week of Autumn.

Chance of Rain
Low: 19°
High: 27°
Chance of Rain
Low: 18°
High: 27°
Partly Cloudy
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Partly Cloudy
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Tomorrow is officially the first day of our Winter, and the forecast is for a very pleasant start to our chilly season!  Just look at our fabulous tropical end-of-Autumn / beginning-of-Winter temps.  I simply love this time of year!

The first snow-white bracts and tiny flowers have appeared on my Euphorbia leucocephala or Snowflake Bush.  It's one of the few winter blooming shrubs in my garden. 

My two potted Sclumbergeras or Zygocactus our in my courtyard garden are starting to show some buds.  This plant is known as the Christmas Cactus in the northern hemisphere, but of course this winter-bloomer doesn't show its flowers during our Christmas.  Christmas for us is during our Summer, hence we refer to this plant as Zygocactus, and not Christmas Cactus.

There's actually already one bloom on the Zygocactus baby that's growing out in my shadehouse garden.  A piece of one of the courtyard Sclumbergeras broke off last year, and I stuck the little piece in a pot out in my shadehouse.  Now it's trying to upstage its parent by blooming first!

Elsewhere in my shadehouse garden ...

the Aeschynanthus lobbianus is hanging onto its last blooms of this blooming cycle,

there are always Impatiens walleriana blooms to be found somewhere,

and the Dorstenia bahiensis or Mattress Button Plant is still blooming.

Back in the courtyard garden there's a bit of colour on show from the annuals that have begun blooming.

Nix for Floral Friday Fotos

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Swarming ... The Year In Photographs ... May 27, 2013

There are two huge wasps' nests in the side garden.  They've both been built on my Serissa foetida plants, so obviously these plants must have some attraction for the wasps.

I think the wasps are the Paper Wasp, Ropalidia revolutionalis.

The swarm of wasps have built a long thin paper nest hanging down from the Serissa branches.  An egg is laid in each cell, but I'm not game enough to try and take a look.  These wasps can give quite a painful sting if you disturb their nest. 

I've also found another next hanging from a branch of the Mussaenda glabra in one of the front garden beds.  These little fellows have been very busy!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Little One ... The Year In Photographs ... May 25, 2013

It's been an absolutely glorious end-of-Autumn day here in the north-east.  Conditions were perfect for lazing around on the verandah watching the Agile Wallaby show out in the yard.

I became enamoured with this little joey that was trying to get back into his mother's pouch.

"Aw, come on Mum!"

"I can get in.  I know I can."    Going ....

going ....


Friday, May 24, 2013

Another Flower Flaunt Friday ... Getting closer to Winter Here!

Today is a beautiful cool late Autumn day.  Overnight the temp dropped down to around 15 deg C (59 F), and right now at 9.00 am it's a gorgeous 19 deg C  (66 F).  For us, that's a rather cool morning!  The air is crisp, cool and fresh.  Our marvellous wintertime is not far off now.

Out in the garden things have slowed down considerably in terms of blooms.  There are no huge blooming displays on any of the trees or shrubs, but as is typical of a dry tropics garden, there are still a few flowers to be found here and there as you wander around.

Out in my shadehouse garden, on the western side of my house, there's been a new arrival.

Now I think this plant is Kalanchoe gastonis bonnieri or Donkey's Ears Plant.  It was given to me by a very kind gardener from down south (thanks Titania!), and I've spotted the first flower spike.  I can't wait for the blooms to open.

Other blooms to be found out in the shadehouse include ...

my wonderful all-year-round-bloomer, my purple Anthurium,

along with another of my year-round-bloomers, Impatiens walleriana;

and Coleus.

Out in the courtyard garden,

there are Violas blooming.

There's one lonely bloom on the white Justicia carnea,

and there's still flower spikes on the Angelonias.

The Celosia are blooming,

and a few little Marigolds have started to bloom as well.

The native Sterculia quadrifida or Peanut tree is covered in its rather inconspicuous creamy flowers.

Under the pergola, the Salvia involucrata is blooming,

whilst on the outer corners of the pergola the Hibiscus schizopetalus is always flowering.


the Crotons beside the driveway are still throwing out flower spikes,

and the blooming cycle of the Triangular Palm near the carshed, is coming to an end.  These flowers attract a lot of bees and wasps.  You can always hearing a lot of buzzing whenever you stroll near this magnificent looking Palm.

The native Acacias are still blooming, both on our property


and out in the surrounding bushland.

In the tiered garden beds at the front of the house,

the Salvia madrensis is coming to the end of its blooming cycle.

The Dianthera nodosa or Pink Lady's Fingers is blooming,

and the Cordyline is just beginning to flower.

In the front-of-house garden bed you can spot

Mussaenda philippica 'Bangkok Rose' bracts and littel flowers,

and the dwarf Azalea is showing just a couple of blooms as it begins in winter blooming time.

There are also just a few flowerheads on the Pentas growing in the side garden bed.

I'm joining Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday / Flaunt Your Flowers

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