Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feasting ... The Year In Photographs ... February 6, 2013

The Neem tree, Azadirachta indica, is in bloom and attracting all sorts of lovely insects and butterflies.

I'm afraid I couldn't get close enough for great clear close-ups, so you will have to look very closely to spot the various insect visitors.


  1. Good morning my down under friend. Hope you are having a good day and it’s not too humid.
    Those red critters look a bit creepy. The bee and the black and white beetle are fine at a distance, the butterfly is beautiful. The tree is pretty to! It’s just stopped raining here and the sun is trying to break through the clouds and it’s a chilli 2˚C so it’s thermal undies hat coat scarf gloves and thick socks when I go out today …..I know I’m a wimp Lol!

    1. Hi Sue,today wasn't too bad. This past week the temps have been every so slightly lower, and so have the humidity levels, so it's been far more comfortable. Of course I'm still in the air-con all day at work, and one of the main ones goes on in the house when I get home.

      I hope that old man sun makes a long appearance for you today. I know I'd be wearing the same, probably more, if I was going out in 2deg C. That's freezing weather for someone like me.

  2. I like this series that you are doing. The neem tree is interesting. It's nice it draws so many beneficial insects.

    Have a lovely rest of the week ~ FlowerLady

  3. I can spot lots of insects on the neem tree. It's a great plant to have as it attracts all these insects into the garden besides its many beneficial uses.

  4. You live in a beautiful place. Bernie.

  5. What a fabulous tree to attract all those critters!!

  6. I thought your insects were easy enough to see. Love the butterfly.


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