Sunday, February 3, 2013

Big And Blue ... The Year In Photographs ... February 3, 2013

There are clear blue skies as far as the eye can see today.  Not a cloud from horizon to horizon.

The mercury climbed to 36-37 deg C (96-98 F) today, but with humidity levels around 20%, it was a more comfortable heat.

We've had a run of scorchers in the last week or two, with temps up around 37-39 deg C (98 - 102 deg F) and humidity between 70-90%.  Simply horrid!  I'm not looking forward to the coming electricity bill, considering the workout the air-cons have had lately.


  1. Your big blue skies look wonderful. Having the humidity down to 20% makes a huge difference in how much heat one can take.

    Have a lovely week ~ flowerLady

    1. It's a thrill, Lorraine, when the humidity drops to that level during a summer's day!!! It just makes a huge difference.


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