Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Australia Day ... Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!

Today is the day we celebrate what's great about Australia and being an Australian.
It's our official national day.

Australia is such a vast and diverse nation ... a country of incredible beauty and stunning landscapes.   I'm not going to share images of our iconic landmarks or famous spectacular scenery though ... I thought today I would just share some of the sights I'm fortunate enough to see in my garden here in the bushland of north-eastern Australia. 

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I'm heading off to celebrate with friends ... a fun-filled afternoon.  Barbeque, damper, lamingtons and pavlova ... and today the sun's shining brilliantly.  Finally there's a vast blue sky above us, the sun's beating down relentlessly and there's a gentle breeze gently blowing the puffy white clouds around!  A perfect Aussie summer day ... right on cue!


  1. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to Bernie. If I could put a picture in the message I would put in my dogs and the blundstones, some true blue aussie icons, but never mind. Those lemmies look delicious. Well, we put our flag out too and it's gently waving in the breeze. Sun is out here too, 29C and a perfect day. In the village was an Australia Day breakfast in the park.
    Unfortunately your smilebox didn't want to work for me, it downloaded fine, but wouldn't open, I was staring at a blank page, lol. I will try again later.
    I heard school started again in QLD, so you have a day off. Here I think they go to school on Monday, not sure, but there were no kids to be seen yesterday.

  2. I was so excited this morning when I woke up and remembered it was Australia Day, and I'm not even Australian, and live in the UK! I even said to my other half I should have made Anzac Biscuits or Lamingtons yesterday, instead of Flapjacks and Chocolate Cake! Enjoy your special day. x

  3. Happy Australia Day. Have a great fun filled day.
    Love the smile box.

  4. Happy Australia Day to you Bernie
    Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!!

  5. Happy Australia day to you and your friends and family :-D BBQ is fun.

    Btw, you have lots of nice pics in that slide box. I was a little concern after looking at the snake and gecko for you. Hope they don't frequent your house that often. I am really afraid of these creatures...

    Have a great week!

  6. Happy Australia Day ~ and the weather and food sound perfect for a happy celebration.

    Enjoyed your video too. What an amazing land you live in.


  7. Happy Australia day! It must be so cool to celebrate. I should find out when is japan day

  8. Beautiful photos Bernie, hard to believe all of those birds live outdoors when many of them are pets in the U.S.

    Have a great day today!


  9. Happy Australia Day, Bernie! Today is our Republic Day too, in India.

  10. I enjoyed the incredible slideshow tour of the flora and the fauna of Northeast Oz (not the snakes, though). Happy Australia Day to a proud resident of a beautiful country!

  11. I loved the slide show of the beauties of nature in australia. How lucky you are that birds can just fly up to the porch to see you and go and come as they like, not in cages. Birds are like angels from God, with their colors and wings. The number one which of humans is to fly. Birds get an over head view of things and see how at one we all are, no boundaries. Thnaks again and Happy Australia Day to you. Love from Long Island where it is snowing again today.

  12. Happy Australia Day to you, your family, and all of your countrymen. I hope you have a wonderful celebration. It is REALLY snowing here so mine will be a day inside except for when I go out to shoot the beautiful white stuff for the blog.

  13. Happy belated Australia day Bernie. Thanks for sharing all those lovely photos!

  14. Happy Australia day for Wednesday last Bernie. I love your blog pics, words and music. Whadya mean Geckos yuck, they are the cutest little critters and harmless. I will swap you for the 5ft black snake that ran across the path 2ft in front of me last sunday morning down at Ulladulla. Haha.
    You are so good knowing all the botanical names of your plants, I never can remember them.
    I hope that cyclone doesn't do you guys any damage up there, blessings for that mate.


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