Friday, December 17, 2010

Skywatching in Early Summer Downunder

I thought I'd join in Skywatch Friday this week and share some early evening sky shots from this week.  Here it's early Summer and it's been hot, steamy, dreary and overcast one minute ... then hot, steamy and rainy ... closely followed by hot, steamy and sunshiny bright!

By the end of each and every day, we all feel a little strained and drained ... then we notice the gorgeous rosy glow in the sky at around 7.00 pm!  It somehow lifts our spirits and we feel refreshed.

Do make sure you check out lots of other fabulous sky shots by clicking on the link at the top of this post.


  1. Bernie, I can't believe those colors. It almost looks like you painted the sky.


  2. Those skies look so moody. I could almost feel the hot and steamy washing over me....

  3. Magnificent sky. The old saying is "Pink at night, sailor's delight" so hopefully a sign of nice weather.
    We're getting into the mid-30s now as well, but down here it's starting out fine each day and building to evening thunderstorms (with the odd bit of hail). Gotta love Summer.

  4. Wow!! Love the pinkish sky! It's so beautiful it looks like a painting.

  5. Hi Bernie, the soft glow really lifts the spirit. We do experience "rollercoaster" weather this year. Thanks for the Xmas card, such a cute roo!

  6. Thanks again everyone for your kind comments.

    Eileen ... the colours were real! Everything was washed in pink.

    Laurrie ... hot and steamy is exactly right!

    Missy ... well, no nice weather in sight. Thunderstorms, lightning, rain, heat and mugginess!

    Glad you enjoyed the photos, Aaron.

    Titania ... boy it certainly has been roller-coaster weather this year ... definitely one for the record books!

  7. Love the clouds and the pink Bernieh, wished we had that here. Nothing but drought I'm afraid. What beautiful view you have.


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