Monday, June 21, 2010

Mosaic Monday ... Fleetwood Mac and Dragonfly!!

How on earth are these two related ... through an early Fleetwood Mag ..ical song!  The song 'Dragonfly' was written by Danny Kirwan who adapted a poem from the 1920's ... "The Dragonfly" by W. H. Davies

While you're gazing at the mosaic, play the old Fleetwood Mac song titled 'Dragonfly" below ... enjoy!
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And when the roses are half-bud soft flowers
And lovely as the king of flies has come
It was a fleeting visit, all too brief
In three short minutes, he had been and gone

He rested there upon an apple leaf
A gorgeous opal crown sat on his head
Although the garden is a lovely place
Was it worthy of so fine a guest

Oh...Oh...Oh...Oh... Dragonfly, dragonfly ..



  1. Wow, the wonder of a macro lens and timing is incredibly evident. I have several dragonfly pictures for some future mosaic, but none so detailed or beautiful as yours.

    Did you apply any special treatment to the larger photo?

  2. Oh what great captures! Well done!

  3. Hi Doro ...thanks for your kind comments. No special treatment on the larger photo other than a crop. I'd taken several photos and this was the only one worth keeping!

  4. Oh my!!! What lovely pictures. The dragonflies are extraordinary!!!! WOW! Cathy

  5. I am amazed you can get that close. I have a longer lens for my camera, maybe I should try it in the garden.


  6. Great shots Bernie and wow a blast from the past Fleetwood Mac.

  7. Thanks so much Cathy ... they're not an easy subject to capture!!

    Eileen ... luckily this one sat still for a little bit. I did however take lots of shots that all ended up being deleted ... not easy capturing these speed demons!

    Hi Sue ... yes I've always loved Fleetwood! You might have noticed this was very early Fleetwood though ... before Stevie Nicks!! I didn't really know about them in the pre-Stevie days ... but I can appreciate this song.

  8. Beuatiful, your macros and mosaic!
    Happy MM!

  9. I'm loving the music in your garden. Great photos of those incredible golden filigreed wings. I just got back from a fascinating talk on Odonata, dragonflies, and of course now I am seeing them everywhere.

  10. wow Bernie those dragonflies are wonderful photos. I didn't join in MM today but on my photo blog I did Macro Monday over at Lisas Chaos - your dragonfly photos would have been a great entry for there too.


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