Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wildlife on Wednesday .... Brush-tail Possum.

The Brush-tail Possum, Trichosurus vulpecular, is the most common marsupial here in eastern Australia.  We often see these cuties ...  as there's usually at least one living somewhere under our roof!  

This one came out the other evening and seemed slightly lost and bemused!

Back in January last year we were seeing two possums ... a mother and her young.  I think the possum we saw last week - pictured above - might be the young one spotted last January.

Here's a shot of the mother and baby from just over a year ago ...

The size and colour of the Brush-tail Possum varies from a copper colour to a silver-grey back with a white to pale grey belly. Here in North Queensland we commonly see the copper coloured ones.

The Brush-tails have large eyes with pointy, prominent ears.  The tail is bushy, although the underside is partly bare with either a black or white tip.

This Possum is an arboreal (tree-dwelling) nocturnal animal that lives in hollow trunks and throughout open forests and woodlands.  We do, however, often seen them living in the towns and cities where they will find shelter under house roofs. 

At night this possum will spend some time on the ground in search for the fresh growth of 
trees. Their diet consists mainly of leaves, but is supplemented with fruit and blossoms.

Breeding normally only one young in autumn, the young will stay in the pouch for 4-5 months and then remain with its mother for another 6-8 weeks in the nest or on the mums back.


  1. Cute post Bernie, they would similar to our racoon who travel around at night. Have wonderful day.

  2. Those things are a heck of a lot cuter than teh possums we have here in the US! Ours have really horrible looking teeth O_O

  3. LOL! Now that was cute! It does look like its in a predicament. They are so much cuter that our ugly opossums.

  4. adorable. I love your Wednesday wildlife posts! I wonder which way the little one finally went?

  5. Found you through Diane's blog on her side bar. I'm drawn to any animal photos, especially those who are given speech ;) Love these shots of your night visitor. Cute little fella!

  6. Hi Bernie.
    What a cutie. Do they cause much damage to the roof space? He looks like he has sharp claws! We have a fox that comes to our garden. I have not been able to catch it with the camera yet it’s very skittish I will keep trying.
    You do get some very interesting wildlife visit your garden


  7. Hi Sue ... no the possums don't cause damage under the roof, thankfully. They just sleep up there but it's a section that's not part of the main section of the house. Occasionally you can hear them moving in their sleep when you're sitting inside ... but that's about all the nuisance they cause.

  8. Very cute post. I love the dialogue bubbles!


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