Thursday, January 14, 2010

Falling branches!

The change in weather is apparent today ... no grey clouds anymore, just bright sunshine.  It's hot and humid ... a real tropical summer's day.

As I walked around the property this morning it was rather quiet ... no wind, no soft rain falling ... all I could hear was the drone of the cicada song.
Then suddenly .... c..r..a..c..k! ... a huge eucalyptus branch split and crashed to the ground out in the bushland.  It's a common occurrence during our summer ... the eucalyptus have come through a nine-month dry spell, conserving all their energy by dropping their leaves and then with the spring the new growth bursts forth and the limbs become over abundant with leaves ... and in many of the older gums with the onset of higher temperatures and rain during the summer, there's sudden limb drop.

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