Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A day to appreciate the beautiful clear blue sky.

After a few days of rather overcast rainy weather, the sun shone brilliantly once more and the sky was a  picture perfect blue!

Some words from an Australian poet seemed very fitting:
"The glory of a larger sky
 On slopes of hills sublime.
 That speak with God and morning high
 Above the ways of Time!"

(from 'Orara' by Henry Kendall)

As I wandered around my garden today I was so happy to see my dwarf kangaroo paw hybrid - Anigozanthus ‘Bush Ranger’ flowering.  It's a delight to see the 'paw' opening and those tiny six-petalled blooms popping out.

I'm also really enjoying my new orchid as it grows and blooms.  I've not had much experience at all growing orchids but after potting up this little one it has just taken off beautifully!

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